Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ask Murray?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Readers have asked why the names of former Plaintiffs Bonnie McIntyre and Richard De La Ronde still appear on legal documents filed in the Manitoba Metis Federation versus www.CyberSmokeSignals.com defamation lawsuit. Here are the facts:

(1) The original Statement of Claim (65 paragraphs, 18 pages) was prepared by MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg and dated March 31, 2005. I was served May 28, 2005

(2) During October 2005, Counselor Trachtenberg provided my attorney Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer with an Amended Statement of Claim (78 paragraphs, 22 pages) also dated March 31, 2005

(3) On May 12, 2006 I received a letter from Murray Trachtenberg which stated, "Enclosed please find a copy of Amended Statement of Claim amended May 9, 2006." This time it was 84 paragraphs and 23 pages. Like the others, it too was dated March 31, 2005. The three versions have in common:

(i) Both Ms Bonnie McIntyre and Mr. Richard De La Ronde are named as Plaintiffs (Paragraphs 9 and 19 respectively):

"The plaintiff Richard Delaronde ("Delaronde") resides in the City of Winnipeg and is a director of the MMF for the Winnipeg Region of the MMF having been elected on March 26, 2003."


"The plaintiff Bonnie McIntyre ("McIntyre") resides in the Town of Toutes Aides and is a director of the MMF for the Northwest Region of the MMF having been elected on March 26, 2003."

(4) How many months has it been since Counselor Trachtenberg signed Notices of Discontinuance on their behalf which effectively removed them as Plaintiffs? Why do they still appear on the legal documentation I receive?

(5) On April 12, 2006 I filed with the Court and Counselor Trachtenberg a Motion Brief. Among other considerations it carefully documented paragraph by paragraph errors, inconsistencies, misleading statements and inaccuracies in the Statement of Claim. I noted (Page 12) in response to Mr. Trachtenberg's aforementioned Paragraphs 9 and 19:

"Richard De La Ronde is no langer a Plaintiff. A Notice of Discontinuance has been issued and signed."


"Ms Bonnie McIntyre is no longer a Plaintiff having previously agreed to a Notice of Discontinuance."

Being self-represented means I'm acting simultaneously as both solicitor and client. As such, I'm fully within my rights to post verbatim all legal documents, correspondence and e-mail I receive from Counsel for the Plaintiffs. To alter, revise or otherwise change them would be unethical, immoral and unprofessional which I will not do.

If Ms Bonnie McIntyre and/or Mr. Richard De La Ronde would not like their names to appear on our postings of legal documents in the defamation lawsuit, especially with an election underway, I would recommend they contact Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg. Hope that explains it.

Clare L. Pieuk


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