Thursday, May 25, 2006




May 24, 2006
P.O. Box 5650
1091 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3K2

Attention: Commercial Crime Section

Dear Sirs:

Re: Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. Election

This is to advise that I am a candidate for the position of Director for The Pas Region in the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.'s elections to be held on June 29, 2006.

My candidacy was challenged by (Name deleted) as indicated in her letter dated May 18, 2006, copy enclosed, to Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C. who is a Chief Electoral Officer for this election. In support of her challenge (Name deleted) provided to the Chief Electoral Officer an invoice, copy enclosed, which appears to be a forgery. The invoice was intended to be evidence that I was indebted to the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. and was, therefore, under its by-laws not eligible to run for an elected position for the organization. My reason for stating that this document is a forgery are as follows:

1. The documents purport to have been prepared on 30 April 1997. The document also indicates that David Chartrand was then the President and the Home Office of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. is indicated as being 150 Henry Avenue, 3rd Floor, Winnipeg Manitoba.

2. In fact, David Chartrand was not elected President of the Manitoba Metis Federation until May 15, 1997. In addition, the Home Ofice of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. was not 150 Henry Avenue on 30 April 1997. The Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. did not take title to this property until November 3, 1999 and took occupancy some time after that. At the time that this invoice was supposedly prepared the Home Office of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. was on McGregor Street.

3. The Chief Electoral Officer has ruled on this challenge denying it (see enclosed letter dated May 24, 2006) and I remain eligible to stand as candidate for the position of Director. Thus the harm intended by this apparently forged document did not materialize. Nonetheless there was an attempt to gain advantage by inducing, or attempting to induce, the Chief Electoral Officer to believe that the invoice was genuine and to, therefore, disqualify me from standing for election.

As this appears to be a forgery within the meaning of Section 366 of the Criminal Code of Canada I would like to ask that you review and investigate this matter. I will, of course, be pleased to provide any assistance that you may require. You may contact me at (Telephone number deleted).

Yours truly,

cc. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.,
Chief Electoral Officer
(Via facsimile: 896-4142)

May 18th, 2006

Alvin Zivot, Q. C.
Chief Electoral Officer

Dear Mr. Zivot:

I am challenging Allen Fourre's name in the upcoming election for Board Member in The Pas Region of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Allen has an outstanding balance of $2,616.35 that he owes to The Pas Region. I have attached for your perusal information verifying this statement. If you have any questions you can call me at (Telephone number deleted) during the day and evenings at (Telephone number deleted).

In Friedship,
(Name Deleted)

David Chartrand

Home Office
150 Henry Avenue - 3rd Floor

R3B 0J7
Ph: (204) 586-5474
Fax: (204) 947-1816

The Pas Region Inc.
Box 2187
R9A 1M2
Ph: (204) 632-5701
Fax: (204) 632-2825

INVOICE NO: 97-1204

Date: April 30 1997


Mr. Allan Fourre
Box 571
The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1M0

Ln Date id No. Description $ Total
01 12 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 406.25
02 13 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 200.00
03 17 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 300.00
04 17 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 158.70
05 25 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 210.00
06 28 Jun 140-250 Travel Paid 641.40
07 03 Jul 140-250 Travel Paid 300.00
08 05 Jul 140-250 Travel Paid 150.00
09 10 Jul 140-250 Travel paid 250.00
10 $2,616.35
Balance payable upon receipt of this Invoice
Please quote Invoice number when making payment
For Office Use Only
Invoice No: 97-1204
Date Received: _______________
Amount Deposited _______________
Coded to Acct: _______________
Date Entered: _______________
Processed By: _______________

Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C
Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3S7
Phone: 896-4141 Fax: 896-4142
Toll Free: 1-866-841-7788


Decision to a challenge to a candidate running as a Board Member under Article X subsection 1 of the Manitoba Metis Federation Election By-law.

(Name deleted) has loged a challenge against Allan Fourre runing as a candidate for the Board in The Pas Region stating that he owes $2,616.35 to The Pas Region.

"Article IX subsection 5 of the Election By-law states:

"A member who has a debt or financial obligation owing to the MMF that is more than thirty (30) days in arrears at the date nominations close may not be a candidate. Any member against whom the MMF holds and unpaid judgment must pay such judment in full on or before the date nominations close in order to be eligible to be a candidate."

Each of the seven Regions of the Manitoba Metis Federation has a regional corporation. In The Pas it is The Pas Regional Inc. It seems that if Mr. Fourre owes money to anyone, it is to the Manitoba Metis Federation The Pas Regional Inc.

In my opinion, each of the regional corporations is a legal entity separate and apart for the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

The Election By-Law clearly states in Article IX subsection 5 that is a member "who has a debt or financial obligation owing to the MMF that is more than (30) days in arrears may not be a candidate." No mention is made in the Election By-Law of debts due and owing to a regional corporation. The wording of the Election By-Law is clear and if debts due and owing to a regional corporation are to be included in disqualifying a member as a candidate, the By-Law should specifically state so.

Therefore, it is my decision that the challenge fails.

Dated at the City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba this 24th day of May 2006.


Alvin Zivot,

Chief Electoral Officer

Copy to: (Name Deleted)

Allan Fourre

The Board of Directors, Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this the thing about the candidates forum?

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow David! Talk about DIRTY POLITICS! Can't wait to vote you and your flock outta there!!!

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I agree forgery is a serious crime, from what I understand, Mr. Fourre ain't no angel either. Seems like a bunch of dirty politicians are playing at dirty politics! This election is turning into a three-ringed circus already! How embarrassing!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Pieuk,

Why the subterfuge??? Everyone knows that the person who made the complaint is marcy johnson.

4:51 PM  

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