Sunday, May 21, 2006

David Chartrand's candidacy challenged!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

We've just received word (Thank You Very Much!) the following letter was successfully faxed (Confirmation received by sender 4:53 p.m.) to Manitoba Metis Federation Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C. Incumbent President David Chartrand faces a challenge to the legality of his candidacy in a bid for a a fourth consecutive term. The challenger, who has requested anonymity, alleges Mr. Chartrand is in violation of MMF By-law Article X of its Constitution as ratified by the 37th Annual General Assembly. It all hinges on whether Ms Glorian Yakiwchuk, David Chartrand's former Executive Assistant for approximately 10 years, is his common law wife. Word has it they're planning to get married.

Clare L. Pieuk
May 21, 2006

Mr. Alvin Zivot, Q.C.
Chief Electoral Officer
P.O. Box 225 RPO Corydon
Fax: 896-4142
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 3S7

Dear Mr. Zivot:

Re: Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. 2006 General Election Nomination Challenge v. Presidential Candidate David Chartrand

This document shall serve as my challenge under Article IX Section 6A of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. Election By-Law as ratified by the 37th Annual Assembly, as a member of the Federation, to the right of Presidential Candidate David Chartrand to run for President. I hereby request that a Hearing be called and scheduled for this challenge.

The grounds of my challenge are as follows:

Article IX, Section 6A

A member who has a contract or an interest in a contract for pecuniary gain with the MMF at the date the nominations close may not be a candidate.

The Facts To Support My challenge Are As Follows:

Glorian Yakiwchuk owns at least 50% of the shares of an insurance broker company

The said insurance broker was under contract at the date nominations closed to sell employee benefit package and insurance coverage to staff employed with the MMF

The said contract provides substantial pecuniary gain to Glorian Yakiwchuk; and Glorian Yakiwchuk shares a home with the Presidential Candidate under challenge.

The Evidence To Support The Electoral Officer Accepting The Above Facts Are:

Glorian Yakiwchuk lists her home address as the one used by the Presidential candidate

My Submissions Are As Follows:

Under current Manitoba law, namely the Family Property Act, as amended in 2003, a common-law partner has a right to an accounting and a division of assets including an entitlement to 50% of the property accumulated during the cohabitation of the partners; and

By virtue of the common-law relationship, the Presidential Candidate has a financial or pecuniary interest in the benefits which derive from the operation of the insurance contract with the MMF and, therefore, is ineligible to run for Office on the grounds of having an interest in a contract for pecuniary gain.

You may contact me at .....

Yours truly,

cc: Presidential Candidate David Chartrand
3rd Floor
150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, Maniotoba

Written challenges will be accepted up to and including May 21, 2006 by 5:00 p.m. Evidence to support a challenge must be provided. The acceptance or rejection of each challenge will be completed within (7) days of receiving the challenge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's good for the goose,is good for the gander. Let them try to weasel their way out of this one. ALL eyes are on YOU, Electorial Officer.

4:51 PM  

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