Saturday, May 27, 2006


Anonymous said ...

All of you know we can't get a fair and honest election from you know WHO. It just makes me SICK and the feeling of throwing-up to see so much BULL coming from an elected leader who everyone knows including him he lost the last election.

It' a shame because this goes to the centre of your heart which hurts immensely - every good honest Metis person feels the PAIN.

Dear Anonymous:

I've used that exact same word myself. It's a perfect descriptive isn't it? Unfortunately, we better not repeat it publicly. Don't forget your MMF leadership has Counselor Murray Norman Trachtenberg (At least $250/hour!) monitoring the "Chicken, Peeping Tom" Bloggers. And while you're at it, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer looks like it's in need of some serious upgrading!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about all of the lame excuses and cover-ups coming from certain people, who sadly, are responsible for the representation of our nation. I am a young Metis with two University degrees and a huge student loan to pay off. I am filled with feelings of angst on the eve of the coming election. I say this because I hope that Yvon Dumont gets his chance to try and make some changes. Yvon has recognized "7 areas in need of immediate action" as an action plan. I am especially pleased to see areas like Accountability & Transparency, as well as Education & Training in this plan. One of the main problems I see within our nation is the lack of educated and qualified individuals working within our systems. These are the people who are responsible for the allocation of funds. It is like asking a group of fourth graders to run an organization responsible for millions of dollars. We need to support as many University students as possible in a fair, non-discrimintory manner. Also, there is a tremendous amount of suspicious deals being made within our nation. With an Accounability & Transparency Clause there would be less blame being thrown around (usually via lawsuits) amongst our people. Promising honesty and integrity is one thing, proving it is another. If people are truly honest they would have no reason to make such claims. Sadly, I cannot thank the MMF for getting me to where I am today, and when I tell people about my culture (which I do often) I am quick to tell them that currently the MMF is a poor representation of my people. I hope to see that change soon.

Proud Of My Nation But Not My Representation

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