Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The legitimacy of the Manitoba Metis Federation Incorporated?

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

On his site (April 15, 2006) Fortunat Guiboche published a detailed article questioning the MMF's legitimacy and has summarized his arguments below.

Our basic question - why is the Federation incorporated as a non-profit entity in the first place when over the years it has invested in business ventures designed to turn a profit? Is it for tax purposes or are there other reason(s)? Also, what is the Manitoba Metis Community Investments Incorporated (MMCII) all about? Its purpose? How does it operate? If anyone has answers please let us know.

Mr. Guiboche raises another interesting issue. If only MMF members can participate in an election isn't that analogous to saying during a provincial vote you must belong to the Premier's governing New Democratic Party to be eligible? What provisions, if any, are there for Metis to express their preferences on June 29, 2006 should they not be registered with the Manitoba Metis Federation?

Clare L. Pieuk
That is the question I wish to highlight and deal with today. The MMF is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of Manitoba which represents the province's Metis who agree to the by-laws which have been set out. Those who are members accept the conditions - they have the right to determine their future so in that sense it is a legitimate non-profit corporation.

To suggest the Federation is the rightful governing body for all Manitoba Metis is a wild reach. For the federal and provincial governments to recognize the MMF is not legal or possible under existing laws. Show me how a non-profit corporation can achieve this.

I am no longer a member and have not been for years. Therefore, I will not vote in the upcoming election and am representing myself until a Metis government is established by our people where we can truly call ourselves a Nation. Until then I await that day.

Fortunat Guiboche


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad Mr. Guiboche no longer affiliates himself with the MMF...he would have made a great president!

10:58 AM  

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