Friday, May 26, 2006

What the blogs are saying this morning!

Friday May 26, 2006

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

It's interesting to look at what the other blogsites are saying:

(1) Although Terry Belhumeur ( notes he missed most of the Board and Vice-Presidential debates at Wednesday's Candidates Forum in Stonewall, he has some interesting insight given his past extensive grassroots involvement with Interlake Metis politics. Based on his comments, it sounds as though most of the attendees were from outside the area covered by the Local. Like the 2003 election, it appears as though David Chartrand arrived with his large entourage several of whom were Home Office employees. Wonder if these individuals are paid for their time or are doing this as volunteers because they believe in the merits of the current administration?

This raises the issue of propriety. If Gary Doer were running for re-election should Manitoba civil servants paid by his government be accompanying him on the campaign trail?

(2) On much is made of the fact Dave Charette working on Yvon Dumont's campaign challenged David Chartrand eligibility. But is that really the issue? Isn't it the substance of the complaint which matters - who cares who filed it how legitimate is it? Recently, Blogmaster Derryl Sanderson's support seems to be waning for Mr. Dumont given his initial unbridled enthusiasm when the former Lieutenant Governor's election platform was announced last week. However, here is someone who until recently was a David Chartrand supporter before finally seeing the light. Perhaps it should be expected given politics makes for such strange bedfellows

Next point. Remember the May 3, 2000 election Derryl? Were not at least a couple Presidential Candidates (And almost a third Jack Fleming!) running against David Chartrand disqualified for allegedly owing the MMF money. President Chartrand damn near won by acclamation. Who do you figure were behind those challenges? So you see the fact Dave Charette launched the action is irrelevant. It's what's right that only matters

(3) While still on the subject of Dave Charette's challenge, it may have more merit than many people realize. While the MMF is governed by it's Constitution and Election By-laws don't forget about the province's Corporations Act after all it is the Manitoba Metis Federation Incorporated. Something to think about - under corporate law are the timing provisions in Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Zivot's official election announcement flawed? Did he perhaps rush to judgment in summarily dismissing Mr. Charette's challenge?

(4) There's a fascinating analysis from someone who obviously knows what they're talking about on's latest posting, "Stonewall Local Update ... Dave Chartrand And Glorian Yakiwchuk." While President Chartrand has publicly proclaimed no contract exists between the MMF and former employee and wife Glorian Yakiwchuk's company is that true? We urge you to read this excellent article!

(5) Then we have the Mega Issue of Candidate Allan Fourre being unsuccessfully challenged in his bid to become a Director for The Pas Region. The fact it appears a forged document may have been used is deeply disturbing. If true, this is the sort of behaviour which could lead to a Saskatchewan type election. How could such an obviously flawed document escape the notice of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer?

Clare L. Pieuk


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