Sunday, May 28, 2006

A young Metis speaks out!

Anonymous said ...

Regarding your posting, "GET THE .... OUT!" I feel the same way about all the lame excuses and coverups coming from certain people who sadly are responsible for our Nation's representation. As a young Metis with two University degrees, and a huge student loan to re-pay, I'm filled with angst on the eve of the coming election. I say this because I hope Yvon Dumont gets his chance to try to make some changes. He has recognized "7 Areas In Need of Immediate Action" as a Plan. Especially pleasing for me is "Accountability And Transparency" as well as "Education And Training."

One of the main problems I see within the Nation is the lack of educated and qualified individuals working within our systems. These are the same people who are responsible for the allocation of funds. It is like asking a group of fourth graders to run an organization with a multi-million dollar annual budget. We need to support as many university students as possible in a fair, non-discriminatory manner. Also, there is a tremendous number of suspicious deals being made within the Nation.

With an "Accountability And Transparency Clause" there would be less blame being thrown around (usually via lawsuits) amongst our people. Promising honesty and integrity is one thing providing it is another. If people are truly upstanding they would have no reason to make such claums. Sadly, I cannot thank the MMF for getting me where I am today. When I tell others about my culture (which I often do) I am quick to mention the current Manitoba Metis Federation leadership is a poor representative for us. I hope to see that change soon.

Proud Of My Nation But Not My Representation
Dear Proud:

Completely agree, a serious upgrade of the MMF's leadership is long overdue. Face it, there are Directors on your Provincial Board who sadly lack the intellectual breadth, depth and scope to effectively manage an organization's $20 million annual budget. But one example - lawsuits. They're making lawyers rich on your money. Believe me when I say senior federal politicians (about 95% of the Federation's funding comes from Ottawa) are quietly and very closely watching this election. Do you think they're pleased when they see thousands and thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars going to Murray Norman Trachtenberg to fund a ridiculous, frivolous and feeble action against Is that why they originally allocated the funds?

Transparency and accountability are coming but not from the Federation per se, rather, it's the "Chicken, Peeping Tom" Bloggers as David Chartrand and Ray St. Germain have called us. If they were smart they'd play us like a violin jigging us all over the place to their advantage. Instead they've alienated the sites - why do you think never before have there been so many information leaks?

For the May 3, 2000 election there were no Metis specific websites; during the March 26, 2003 general vote only CyberSmokeSignals existed; now there are several sites. Although the shenanigans still occur those responsible have to me much more careful. Voters have never before been so well informed.

It's people like you who hold the key to the future Metis Nation. Hopefully, you'll get involved politically as a way of making a positive contribution. The seven planks in Yvon Dumont's campaign platform make a lot of sense and should be supported by everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clare Its Its Rene From Vav Island I to Am aMechif From Man
Prev member a student. When i went to school 40 below one room shack Its time our members Get their fingers out of know what get a job like every body else and quite crying cause they make me [sick to my stomach but i agree we need new leadership

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