Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Your grandaughter sounds like a real little sweetheart!

Anonymous said ...

Went to Mr. Dumont's official campaign launch this evening. What a turnout from old Metis friends I haven't seen for a longtime to employees of you know who?

Mr. Dumont had some outstanding solutions to very realistic problems that presently exist in the MMF. As he stated, you can't be the boss, payroll clerk, worker and the one who takes credit for ALL good things which happen. There has to be protocol. Give credit where it's due.

He stated you do not lead your people by force or fear you treat them with dignity and in return you have happy, hard working employees with loyalty and respect for you. I am an old Metis now, however, I have a vast interest in who is leader and can make something happen in ALL areas of the MMF. This vast interest are my grandchildren. I need to know they will have something to help them along in life.

(My granddaughter types for me)
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. This evening on Global Television (Cable 12) they had a piece about the MMF election featuring each of the Presidential Canadidates for about 20-30 seconds. Had to smile, the first words out of Mr. Dumont's mouth were, "If I'm elected on June 29 there will be no more defamation lawsuits!"

Something you said brought back a memory. During Mr. Dumont's recent trial he was direct examined by one of his defence lawyers Jeff Niederhoffer. Earlier Tony Belcourt, President of The Metis Nation of Ontario had testified on his behalf. The friendship between the two goes back over thirty years.

In open court, Yvon Dumont related how he once had a conversation with David Chartrand during the 1990s about Mr. Belcourt in which Mr. Chartrand allegedly said words to the effect, "You haven't seen anything yet wait until I attack him." Our former Lieutenant Governor replied, "That's exactly what I mean David you lead your people you don't threaten them." You'll be able to read the exchange when the official transcripts are available. As I sat and listened I thought there's the difference between the two that says it all!

Clare L. Pieuk


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