Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yvon Dumont oficially launches his 2006 election campaign!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

A special Thank You to the Member of "Team Dumont 2006" who contacted us with the following information:

Election Campaign Grand Kickoff
Yvon Dumont Headquarters
615 Selkirk Avenue
Tuesday May 23 at 6:00 p.m

There will be bands, dancers and a speech by The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont.

Food (barbequed hotdogs) and refreshments will be available. Everyone welcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to Mr.Dumont's Oficially Campaign Lauch this evenning,What a turnout,from old Metis friends I never seen for a long time,to employees of you know WHO? Mr.Dumont made some outstanding solutions to some very realistic problems that presently exist in the MMF. As Mr.Dumont stated,you can't be the boss,the payroll clerk,worker and the one that takes credit for ALL good things that happen. Their has to be protocal. Give credit where credit is due. Mr.Dumont states that you do not lead your people by force or fear,you show them respect and in return you have happy,hard working employees with loyalty and respect for you. I'm an old Metis now,however I have a vast interest in WHO is LEADER and WHO can make something happen in ALL areas of the MMF. The leader is DUMONT. The vast interest I mentioned is my GRANDCHILDREN. I need to now that they will have something to help them along in life. Mer`ci (My Grandaughter types for me.)

8:44 PM  

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