Friday, June 16, 2006

The adventures of "BATMAN" and "robin!"

robin: "H..y s..t BATMAN did you know Murray has sued "Publisher" Arnold Asham in Small Claims Court?"

BATMAN: "You little dick-weed robin - of course I do!"

robin: "You can be such a jerk BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "Maybe so robin but at least I had the brains to find file SC02-01-93707 on Manitoba Justice's webpage Seems Murray Normand ("Happy") Trachtenberg during February 2003 commenced an action against "Publisher" of the internationally acclaimed rag Grassroots News for non payment of legal fees."

robin: "Jeez BATMAN so who do you figure paid Arnold's legal bills?"

BATMAN: "You know robin, sometimes I can't believe how friggin' stupid you can be!"

robin: "Screw you BATMAN I just got my super generous severace package from the MMF which included a couple $Grand$ worth of pre-business training from Emplopyment Insurance to help set up my new enterprise."

BATMAN: "So what you calling this enterprise robin?"

robin: "Minority Financial - it's a grow op I figure it can't lose!"

BATMAN: "With a name like that I can't see how you can lose - besides, you're such a pathetic little weenie"

robin: "Are you ever f.....g stupid BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "F..k you robin I''m hiring Murray Trachtenberg to sue you for defamation on behalf of the MMF Board of Directors!"


BATMAN: "Tell Murray I think he and his clients are so cool - their defamation lawsuit is the greatest event in the history of mankind (Sorry - personkind!) since the advent of canned beer!"

robin: "I hear Murray's Legal Assistant Louise Coulombe and he absolutely love!"

BATMAN: "If nothing else at least they''ve got class and good taste - not like you - weasel!"

robin: "Screw you BATMAN you're such an arse!"

BATMAN: "Nice talk robin - what's the matter been watching too much Ricky on Trailor Park Boys lately?"

robin: "Go screw yourself BATMAN!"

BATMAN: "Murray - Did you hear that! Now we've finally got the little bugger in black letter let's sue his ass off!"

To be continued .....
You be the judge - which one of these fine looking specimens is guilty?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a bigger story here than you realize. Arnold Asham has spent more time in court than a few of the judges. If you found this small claim you should be able to find the others. Asham is an interesting character. . . .

7:28 AM  

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