Friday, June 23, 2006

Announcing The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont's campaign billboard fundraiser!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Today I was in Winnipeg's North End and saw two more of those bloody, friggin' thinly veiled, "Vote David Chartrand!" billboards for which their funding remains a huge mystery - taxpayer dollars? Also passed Connie's Cafe on Main Street where there was a simple Yvon Dumont poster displayed (window) in such a classy way - it spoke volumes! THIS IS SO UNFAIR VOTERS SO WHAT THE HELL YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Will someone quickly please step forward to organize a fundraiser to help Mr. Dumont's campaign team buy a billboard. Send us ( your anonymous electronic address where people can make arrangements online to contribute and we'll immediately post it. PLEASE HURRY!

You'll have to move fast but this is definitely doable! Imagine the impact of a billboard close to Portage and Main with a message in box car sized letters saying something like, "ALL MANITOBA CITIZENS LOVE THE HONOURABLE W. YVON DUMONT CANADA'S FIRST METIS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR!"

Clare L. Pieuk


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