Monday, June 12, 2006

But can you sing Campaign Willie?

Southwest Region Board of Director
MMF Provincial Board Member

Dear Blogmaster:

I've been travelling the province following the current election campaign. Although, of course, I have not visited every event I have seen enough to offer your readers my observations:

(1) Some have asked whyYvon Dumont does not announce his campaign schedule in advance? It happened last election and again now. David Chartrand organizers shadow Candidate Dumont's movements so the President and his entourage (including headquarters staff) can arrive at the same location shortly afterward

(2) If Team Chartrand knows where Mr. Dumont is in advance they schedule debates at locations far away from where the challenger is then try to make political hay by continually pointing to an empty chair and saying something like, "Look he's not here to discuss the issues!" That's what happened recently in Swan River

(3) Then you had a recent situation where Yvon Dumont was addressing a group of supporters at a restaurant in the Southwest Region and Provincial Board of Director Marilee Nault insisted on interrupting and being very disruptive to the point where she came close to being asked to leave. However, Ms Nault wisely departed before this happened

(4) There was a very interesting development at a pre-election event in Crane River. Will say more about it later

(5) Regarding last month's Candidates Forum sponsored by the Stonewall MMF Local, yes, Anders Bruun one of the lawyers who recently defended Yvon Dumont in the Metis National Council Secretariat's lawsuit was in attendance. At least a couple times David Chartrand acknowledged his presence on one occasion even saying he'd better watch what he said because Mr. Dumont's attorney was in the audience. You got that right David!

(6) The question has been raised whether David Chartrand accused Candidate Dumont of insulting one of his daughters? Yes he did and Yvon Dumont immediately and strongly denied the allegation. At the end of the meeting President Chartrand apologized to Mr. Dumont

(7) President Chartrand also apologized to David Charette for saying he'd fire any member of his staff who challenged an opponent running against him. Last month Mr. Charette formally questioned the validity of Mr. Chartrand's candidacy before Chief Electoral Officer Alvin Zivot

I'll be at some upcoming pre-election events in rural Manitoba so look for my next report.

"On The Road Again" With Campaign Willie
Dear Campaign Willie:

Thank you for taking the time to write CyberSmokeBlog. We really appreciated your report and look forward to others. But can you sing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to your posting ”Can you sing Campaign Willie”, I was in attendance at the Shakers Inn last Thursday. To begin with Marielee Nault and two other ladies were there having coffee and dinner. All three of them were very helpful to me and very respectful to everyone that was in the restaurant. It was not until almost 8 pm when Mr. Dumont and five other gentlemen showed up. In total there was only 11 of them in the restaurant and as I stated Ms. Nault was very nice to all. She even went out of her way and spoke to her challenger and wished him luck. To tell you the truth everyone sat at the same table with the exception of Dave Charette and another man. There were neither heated arguments nor debates. Both parties were very friendly to one another. Therefore I think before you start accusing people, you should get your facts straight. Because don’t you think that if Ms. Nault was being very disruptive she would have been asked to leave by the owners who were there? Also, there were posters and information being spread around that Mr. Dumont was coming out, but like I said there was only two from the area, six of Mr. Dumont’s followers and Ms. Nault and two other ladies.

9:53 PM  

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