Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Campaign Willie - where are you when you're needed?

Anonymous said ...

In regards to your posting, ”But can you sing Campaign Willie?” I was in attendance at the Shakers Inn last Thursday. To begin with, Marielee Nault and two other ladies were there having coffee and dinner. All three were very helpful to me and most respectful to everyone in the restaurant. It was not until almost 8:00 p.m. when Mr. Dumont and five other gentlemen showed up. In total there were only 11 and as I stated Ms Nault was very nice to all. She even went out of her way and spoke to her challenger wishing him luck.

To tell the truth everyone sat at the same table with the exception of Dave Charette and another man. There were neither heated arguments nor debates. Both parties were very friendly to one another. Therefore, I think before you start accusing people you should get your facts straight. Don’t you think if Ms Nault were being very disruptive she would have been asked to leave by the owners who were present?

Also, there were posters and information being spread around Mr. Dumont was coming out but like I said there were only two from the area, six of Mr. Dumont’s followers and Ms Nault plus two other ladies.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Hopefully, Campaign Willie will see your comments and get in touch. Don't know if CW plans to attend the Freight House Candidates' Debate this week in Winnipeg sponsored by that "prestigious" publication" Grassroots News but it sounds as though it may be a real fiasco with several running for Office planning to boycott. Looks like David Chartrand may have to discuss the issues with himself and Arnold Asham.

As for Ms Marilee Nault, perhaps she's being really nice these days because come June 29, 2006 she realizes she will have a new boss - that is, IF she gets re-elected. Then there's the issue of being a Plaintiff in a lawsuit
which is making her and the others litigants look like a bunch of losers.

Arnold Asham

"The Prestigious" Grassroots News


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