Friday, June 23, 2006

Fortunat Guiboche on the "Group of Five?"

Well, well, well, five (5) Progressive Conservative MLAs endorsed MMF Inc. policies and practices. My take on this is I'm delighted to hear and see it. You have a right to know why so here's my answer.

They stepped on a mine field that will come back to haunt them - I mean the Conservative Party they represent. Well I guess their constitutents will have no legal objections to the transfer of their land over to the Metis original land owners. Folks this is the best real estate in Manitoba - Steinbach and area WOW manna falling from unexpected places! What a gift of gigantic proportions count your blessings and don't say another word - a great day for the Metis! Thank you David Chartrand and those five stuipd MLAs. You have just handed the provincial New Democratic Party another four years in office!
Dear Mr. Guiboche:

Thank you for writing your articles are always so very interesting. Knowing what we do ("Nudge, nudge, wink, wink - know what we mean? Know what we mean?") about the Chartrand administration, you have to wonder where the hell "The Group of Five's" collective heads were at when they went public in their support of David Chartrand? Are they not plugged into "The Chicken, Peeping Tom Blogs? They may have committed political suicide. Gary! Gary! Gary! Yvon! Yvon! Yvon!

Clare L. Pieuk


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