Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gag on Metis people will NOT continue!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "Hey Arnold - need a lawyer? Call 1-800 "The Happy Litigator!"

I am just a little curious about something. When Yvon Dumont wins this election will all these ridiculous lawsuits be dropped or does the gag on the Metis people go on?
Dear Anonymous:

Several times during the campaign Mr. Dumont has stated if he's elected there will be no more defamation lawsuits. In fact, that's the first plank in his seven point platform. He's a man of his word (Remember, it's "The Honourable" W. Yvon Dumont!) so the answer to your question is the gag on your people will NOT continue!

We're still awaiting the decision of Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice Menzies on another case. In a politically motivated lawsuit, The Metis National Council, its President Clem Chartier and The Metis National Council Secretariat sued Yvon Dumont for a little over $47,000 (one year's salary) plus damages. They claim he broke an agreement not to run for political office within two years after leaving his position as Governor of the Metis Nation. As you may recall, he challenged David Chartrand in 2003.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word has it that if/WHEN david chartrand loses the mmf election, he's gonna run for chief of pine creek first nation... look out billiejo...


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