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The excellent article and analysis (below) was posted on Obviously these gentlemen have not read Mr. Sanderson's or's outstanding election coverage. We have a quick suggestion. Why don't you (Blogmaster Sanderson) e-mail a copy to the Provincial Liberal leader, as well as, Premier Gary Doer. Why stop there? Prime Minister Harper's address is

Clare L. Pieuk
Thursday, June 22, 2006

P.C. Leader Hugh McFadyen Must Address The Metis Nation of Manitoba

The so called "unprecedented" move of endorsing a Manitoba Metis Federation Presidential candidate by Members of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party has been condemned by many Metis who have construed it as "political favor payback."

PC MLAs David Faurschou, Jack Penner, Jack Reimer, Denis Rocan and Ron Schuler are taking sides in the MMF election, and have thrown their support behind the tarnished political reputation of current President David Chartrand. This open endorsement by the Conservative Members clearly shows these mavericks of the Opposition either have no regard for the Federation's constitution or did not research Article 2 which states the organization have no affiliation with any political party.

When these men decided to publically announce as a group their support, they ceased to act as individuals and are now speaking as representatives of the PC Party of Manitoba. I have contacted the leader Hugh McFadyen and am awaiting a response from the newly elected Head of this right-wing Party. Here is a form response from the PC Communications Director which was sent today:

Good afternoon Mr. Sanderson,

I would like to address concerns you've raised regarding some of our MLA's publicly supporting Mr. Chartrand in the upcoming MMF election. Please note their decision to endorse this candidate was something they chose to do on their own as individuals. In no way were they speaking on behalf of our Leader, Hugh McFadyen, PC Caucus or the PC Party of Manitoba.

I trust this provides you with the official position you were seeking on this matter.

Michelle Bailey

Note: This answer is not palatable to Metis members and I have asked for a response from Mr. McFadyen. The Metis will be watching to see how he decides to tackle this very contentious issue. There also must be attention brought to the "unprecedented" massive PC membership campaign orchestrated from the President's Office a few months ago. PC membership applications were being handled by Executive to the President Cindy Millar and solicited by MMF Head Office.

There were reports upwards of 400 memberships to the Conservative Party were sold in this manner with some MMF employees' membership fees payed by unknown sources.

Conor Lloyd, the former MMF Communications Director, was known to be in bed with one of the PC leadership candidates Ron Schuler and was openly touting his campaign from 150 Henry Avenue. Once Metis Members found out about the trickery and disrespect shown to our constitution, Mr Schuler was handed a surprising, stinging and humbling defeat at the hands of McFadyen during the recent leadership contest thereby suffering the same fate as the only other Federation endorsed candidate Liberal Ray St Germain.

We Metis don't appreciate our constitution being dishonored. This endorsement by these five Members, clearly must be viewed as political payback ..... you scratch my candidate I'll scratch yours.

One only has to look at the blatant disregard these PC Members and the David Chartrand team have shown towards our constitution to see the reasoning behind Schuler and the others' endorsements. Selling 400 memberships can do a lot for support ..... the Conservatives have never supported a Metis Federation candidate until Chartrand decided to hawk PC memberships .... or wait maybe these Members are supporting Davey's platform - t
he same hogwash Chartrand spewed while explaining the other constitution non-adherence issue.

During the federal elections, the President again chose to ignore the constitution by openly endorsing the federal Liberal party then explaining it away by stating he only was supporting their platform. How dim does Chartrand think the Metis voters are? Here is a leader who runs like a bull through a china shop showing no regard for the people and the Nation which he was supposed to lead not dictate.

With all of the MMF resources being utilized by Chartrand during his re-election bid, challenger Yvon Dumont is certainly not being afforded a level playing filed during this campaign and I urge all Metis to get the anti-Chartrand word out - only six more days 'til we go to the polls. Mr. Chartrand is utilizing Federation money to gain higher profile during the campaign. Mr Dumont has the will of the people - the true Metis values will win out this go around.


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About the PC, the article suppose to be written by Hugh, the picture is that Michelle or Hugh.......

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Clare and Derryl both have awesome articles, couldn't ask for anything better. Keep up the good work. metis reader

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