Sunday, June 18, 2006

Our first, "Laughing Super Dave Two Minute Challenge Question?"

Anonymous said ...

Here's one for our peerless leader. Who was the legal-eagle genius who told him the best way to snuff out allegedly defamatory comments on the internet was to draw attention to them via a lawsuit? Oh wait, we already know the answer. It's the same about to be gonzo lawyer who enraptures the ...... on the Board with fanciful tales about how the MMF is going to win and collect a bonanza judgment from people with no money or assets.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Perhaps I can answer on behalf of "Super Dave" who, to be fair, we offered a campaign link in the lead up to the 2003 MMF election but got no response. Can you believe the following? It's from Mr. Murray Norman Trachtenberg's third Ammended Statement of Claim against the Defendants:

"Belhumeur and Pieuk supported Dumont and during the election campaign, established a web link with an election website that had been created for Dumont so that anyone who accessed would easily link to the Dumont election website." (Page 12, paragraph 50)

It has to be realized this is not about a huge monetary damage award for the MMF, rather, it's a blatant, shoddy, tacky but $NOT CHEAP$ attempt to misuse and abuse the system to "legally" harass individuals who have publicly dared to criticize and embarrass the current leadership for its irresponsible spending of our taxpayer dollars.

Starting with and subsequently followed by other Metis specific blogs, David Chartrand's monopoly on information has effectively been broken. This turkey of a lawsuit has Winnipeg's legal community shaking their collective heads in disbelief while turning into a major public relations nightmare for the Federation's leadership, the Plaintiffs and their attorney. Can you imagine what provincial and especially federal government funders must be thinking? Suffice it to say they are watching the case very closely!

By complaining to the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission, Derryl Sanderson ( has, to all intents and purposes, muzzled President Chartrand foiling him from any longer using Host Ray St. Germain of NCI Radio's The Metis Hour Times Two to self-promote while attempting to influence the election's outcome.

Then there's Grassroots News. Its recent incredibly biased, unprofessional campaign coverage has left the publication's reputation in tatters. We can all learn from history - many parallels exist between Russia under Josef Stalin and the growth of Manitoba's Metis Nation. "Uncle Joe" as he was derisively referred to controlled the State's only two newspapers Tass and Pravda. Problem is, everyone knew what a JOKE they were! Fast forward to 2006. The blogs have rendered MMF's principal propaganda organs ineffectual. Perhaps that's why you're seeing so many television and billboards ads these days.

Clare L. Pieuk



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who did it?
Looks like all fair play went out the window this week.. I went up to San Clara this week and ran into Charlie Vermilyn ( running for board in Dauphin) and he told me an interesting story. One night last week Charlie went to his shop to pick up a camera when he noticed someone on his property. He drove up and found Claude Deslorier holding a roll of tape and a knife in his hand. Claude had just covered Yvon’s, Charlie’s and Bonnie MacIntire’s posters with David Chartrand’s and Darryl Deslorier’s posters. Charlie asked him to remove the posters and get off his property. Darryl who is runninig for board again was hiding in his car talking on his cell.
Now for who did it.
I also talked to Larry Bronconier from San Clara who told me that he put up 25 posters of Yvon Dumont in Dauphin but when he went back a few days later, they were all taken down. So who did it? You be the judge.
On another note, David said in Portage that he has $1.8 million to build 10 Metis houses. My calculations tell me that each house will cost $180,000. That’s a pretty expensive house. I wonder who will be getting them. Family or friend?
After hearing the debate in Portage La Prairie, I am convinced that David will be getting a job as a comedian after he loses this election cause he sure made me laugh with all his bull. What really amazes me is that some people still believe him.
Time for a change folks.
One other thing I forgot to mention, David put a lien on Larry Bronconier’s home. Larry and his wife are struggling to make ends meet and wham, David strikes again. Who’s next? If David or the MMF has a lien on your home, please let us know.
Everything said here can be verified by contacting Charlie or Larry in San Clara

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