Friday, June 30, 2006


Tansi/Good Day Folks:

All of us at would like to thank The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont for running in the 2006 MMF election against impossible odds. How much were your able to raise for your campaign Sir? Same question for you David Chartrand? From where did it come? These are questions those seeking public office provincially or federally must answer for the electorate. After all these years the MMF's election bylaws remain severely flawed. Until they're fixed you will not have a fair vote. How much longer will the billboards be displayed? Why aren't the television ads still running?

If only you could have seen how elegantly and graceful Mr. Dumont performed during his five day trial in April which begged the question, "What in the hell is this man doing in a courtroom after all he's done for your Nation?" SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Why did The Metis National Council and its Secretariat pay "The Happy Litigator" at least $250/hour to prosecute this gentleman on their behalf? Dave Charette was presnet every day his usual polite, respectful self.

To Mr. Justice Menzies we say, Sir, our politicians tell us like health care they're trying to speed up the legal process. With all due respect, this was not a complex case, in fact, it was patently obvious from the outset what its real intent was. We trust you will do the right thing and award double damages to the Defendant. Remember your words, "No one has entered this courtroom and shown me how his man harmed the Metis National Council Secretariat."

Again thank you Mr. Dumont for accepting an impossible challenge because you were trying to protect your people's freedom of speech and expression while preventing them from being sued by the publicly funded Manitoba Metis Federation.

Clare L. :Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our hearts go to Yvon, he stands for the true Metis people.

1:02 PM  

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