Thursday, June 22, 2006

That's because the masked man wasn't mentioned in Dan Lett's original Winnipeg Free Press article!

Anonymous said ...

I have checked the article, "Dan Lett Of The Free Press Criticizes MMF President's Election Tactics" posted June 19, 2006 on Where is the reference to a masked man? I'm sorry, there are a few more who we need to unmasked yet. They were caught and identified covering Yvon Dumont's posters. Do they even know the seriousness of their actions and were they motivated from higher up? Please keep an eye open and if you see anything suspicious in your community you feel is wrong, report it to someone you can trust or to the police. What they're doing is wrong and let's put a stop to it and charge these people. I have my camera ready at all times everywhere I go.
Dear Anonymous:

If you carefully check our posting you will see the reference to individual(s) removing Yvon Dumont posters and replacing them with David Chartrands' does Not appear in the original Dan Lett Winnipeg Free Press Article. Rather, it can be found in the "Comments" section (fourth one) for the posting, "Dan Lett Of The Free Press Criticizes MMF President's Election Tactics" which appears on Go there and have a read - people are identified by name.

The "masked man" who ran for Winnipeg Vice-President a few years ago saw our remarks, went to the aforementioned location and then related how his posters had similarly been replaced guessing it was a certain person who was responsible. In this case he was wrong. Carefully follow our instructions in the first paragraph and you'll see what we mean. Hope this eliminates any confusion you may still have.

Clare L. Pieuk


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