Thursday, June 15, 2006

The two minute laughing Super Dave challenge!

Anonymous Said ...

Attended the debate last night at the Freight House. What a joke! The only person worth listening to was Randy De La Ronde. One part was quite entertaining though when Dave Charette and Linda Campbell got into it. Poor old Linda was just asking a question and Dave jumped all over her. Had to love David Chartrand's comment about when you're a politician you should always be prepared even on two minutes notice. Nice of him to say since he knew about the meeting a week or two in advance. I'm glad Mr. Dumont did not waste his time driving back from northern Manitoba for that circus show.
The aforementioned came from dated June 14, 2006 - currently the sixth "Comment" under the posting, "Manitoba Metis Federation Election." Just like in football, here at CyberSmokeBlog we're preparing our special two minute drill for Super Dave. The rules. We'll post some INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING QUESTIONS for President Chartrand from our readers and he'll have two minutes to respond online. To be "fair" he will be given your inquiries two minutes in advance. In other words, he'll have four minutes. Please send your questions "The Super Dave Two Minute Challenge" c/o Your confidentiality will be respected. Now this should be interesting!

Are you ready Super Dave? ONE! TWO! - To be continued .....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Super Dave Two Minute Challenge" Question

Here's a question for our peerless leader: Who was the legal-eagle genius who told him the best way to snuff out defamatory comments on the internet was to draw attention to them via a lawsuit???? Oh wait, we already know the answer to that one. It's the same gonzo lawyer who enraptures the idiots on the Board with fanciful tales about how the MMF is gonna win this suit AND collect a bonanza legal judgment from people with no money or assets.

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