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Why we support Mr. Yvon Dumont!


MMF Leader Linked To Huge Brawl
By Doug Nairne
Staff Reporter
The Winnipeg Free Press
December 30, 1997

POLICE ARE still sorting through the aftermath of a massive Christmas Day family feud in Duck Bay that involved as many as 50 people fighting in the street.

Among those being investigated for their role in an afternoon battle that sent two people to hospital with serious injuries and left dozens of others with scrapes and bruises is Manitoba Metis Federation president David Chartrand. Winnipegosis RCMP Const. Marvin Gruger said the fights broke out at about 3 p.m. and seem to have been sparked by traditional rivalry between two large families in the community, which is located north of Dauphin.

He said the brawl began with a small group and then grew until between 30 and 50 men were involved, some of them armed with clubs and knives. "It's going to take another week to get this mess all sorted out, but I think there will end up being about 40 people involved," Gruger said. Most of the parties involved were intoxicated." The most seriously injured men included one who suffered skull injuries when he was clubbed over the head and another who was stabbed several times in the back. Both men were kept in hospital overnight and then released.

Gruger said the RCMP are investigating a complaint that Chartrand 37, assulted a 16-year old. The mother of the alleged teen victim said the youth was going to his aunt's house to wish her a Merry Christmas when a van pulled up next to him and a man got out and started to punch him. The woman said her brother was also beaten during the brawl, apparently with a pipe or piece of wood. The 16-year old suffered a badly cut lip and bruising to the face and had his shirt and pants ripped off in the attack his mother said.

"I can't just let this go," she said. RCMP say the violent incident was only one of several reported assaults on the reserve during the holiday period. "Its been a bad week up there," said Gruger.

David Chartrand, who was elected to the MMF post earlier this year, was fishing yesterday and could not be reached for comment. His family members in Duck Bay said the accusations are politically motivated by people who oppose Chartrand and support former MMF leader BillyJo De La Ronde. Both Chartrand and De La Ronde have numerous relatives living in Duck Bay.

David N. ("Bilboard") Chartrand

Note: We are in possession of a three page hand written letter by the mother of the 16 year old boy. It is dated January 2, 1998 addressed to then MMF Northwest Regional Vice-President Gordon Flett and Board Members Grace Menard and Doreen Woods.


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