Thursday, December 14, 2006

A class act!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "A special holiday season gift to you from Winnipeg lawyer Jeff Niederhoffer!"

Niederhoffer should run for City Council next time round. Hell, he's not Metis but has done so much good by helping Yvon and this free stuff he's doing now I think every Metis should vote for him! He's already shown he has guts by taking on the MMF and MNC (...... - descriptive deleted); he's demonstrated he has a heart by helping the little guy. I'd vote for him, hell I'd even knock on a few doors ....!
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Yes, both Anders Bruun and Jeff (Class acts!) did an outstanding job defending Yvon Dumont so much so they won the case. In legal parlance it was nolo contendere (no contest). Plus don't forget during the early stages of the MMF's beyond asinine lawsuit against CyberSmokeSignals he represented the Co-Defendants.

Mr. Niederhoffer recently advised his offer of free notarial services has been exceedingly well received. Not long ago he suggested it may become an annual event. So we offered perhaps he might wish to consider establishing a charitable foundation whereby those who had benefited could contribute a small donation the proceeds of which would go to a worthy cause. Suffice it to say he was most receptive to the idea. Know of any Metis not for profit organizations in need of help? Here's one - a Woman's Resource Centre for those trying to beat the streets.

Those of us associated with this site would be more than willing to knock on a lot of doors should Jeff decide to run for City Council at some point in the future.


Clare L. Pieuk


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