Saturday, December 16, 2006

Congratulations Lionel Chartrand!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Winnipeg Metis lawyer Lionel Chrtrand was reported on Winnipeg CBC Radio 1 Sports this morning as having make an extraordinary shot yesterday which led his team to victory in a Bonspiel to determine who gets to compete in the Safeway Select to pick Manitoba's best.

Formerly, he was's pro bono General Legal Counsel when it was sued by the MMF. As solicitors are fond of saying there's plenty of "Black Letter" (that is to say, e-mail) to establish beyond a reasonable preponderance of doubt the allegedly defamatory words were conceived, written and approved for display verbatim on by Mr. L. R.R. Chartrand. A few months after receiving a defamation warning letter (February 9, 2004) from MMF attorney Murray Norman Trachtenberg, Lionel Chartrand went on to provide paid legal services to the Federation. He was never named a Co-Defendant?

Sadly, we've had to delete him from our Annual SEASON'S GREETINGS List for gross non-performance. Too bad he doesn't lawyer like he curls!

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