Thursday, December 07, 2006

It could still take several more months!

I wonder if you might be able to tell me what the outcome was of the MMF land claim court case. I cannot seem to find anything past the date of July 18th. Would the proceedings be on the net?

Thank you,
Delores Johnson
Dear Ms Johnson:

As you know, this is a very complex legal case which goes back to 1981 when the original Statement of Claim was filed. Prior to this year's trial literally pounds of legal documentation have been registered by both sides not to mention what was added once the proceedings began. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait until the Justice who presided hands down a written decision which could still be several months away. Protocol dictates once that happens both sides receive advance copies and no doubt the media will be notified via a Press Release.

As for the massive, complete case file? It no doubt currently resides with the Justice and will not be returned to Court of Queen's Bench Registry (Provincial Law Courts Building) until after a decision has been rendered. Additionally, you will not be able to find any material related to the pleadings on the internet. While all documents are listed chronologically on the Manitoba Justice website (, to view their actual content means a visit to 408 York Avenue where you can photocopy to your heart's content (25 cents/page). Problem is, as noted above, the Justice has everything.

Sorry we couldn't provide you with a better explanation but, in effect, everyone is in a "Court System" imposed information lockdown. George Orwell sure knew what he was talking about!

Clare L. Pieuk


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