Friday, December 01, 2006


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "And the winner is .....(Drum roll please!) ..... May we have the envelope?" (P.I.T.T.) is a hard-hitting political blog, usually dealing with provincial politics (the author is an anti-establishment, hard-right populist) but occasionally ventures into the Metis sphere. In fact, recently (November 27, 2006), he ran an astonishing piece attacking the "Metis cult" among certain Metis bloggers, notably (drum roll) Will Goodon and Conor Lloyd. A really good read, actually, check it out.
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for the heads up. Any blog which bills itself as, "Politics, Free Speech, Gossip, News And More. For Your Viewing Pleasure. Burnin' Bridges Every Day!" has to be worth a good read.

Clare L. Pieuk

Everyone's a Nation!!!

Ok , the recent post by Will Goodon has set me off!

First of all Will, I am sorry I have to be the one to break it to you, but you kinda look white. It's a great photo of you and your mom, by the way. Conor Lloyd, sorry to tell you but you are white too. What does the PITT, Conor and Will have in common? (Don't even bring up Schuler).

That's right, we're all "Metis." And we are all white as rice. I am so f....g tired of living in a country like this. Who gives a s..t what happened in the past!!! We are all CANADIANS. Every damn group wants to be recognized. They all want a piece of the pie.....they all want to be special. I think that this country has to stop dividing people. The best thing that can happen to Quebec and natives and anyone else who wants to be special is not to get special treatment. Do you think treating Quebec and natives as distinct or a nation has ever helped anyone? They want more more more, and I have had it. This is why I refuse to get a Metis card. Everyone tells me of all the great stuff you get that goes along with getting a Metis card, but why should I be treated different than any other hard working taxpayer? It's b......t. The Metis stuff is like some kind of cult already. Just look at Will's blog. Mary Richard once told me "there sure are alot of white Indians nowadays."

It's time to stop all the dividing in this country. Together we are one people and that nation is called Canada. There is no such thing as a Nation inside a nation.


Anonymous R Proulx said...

Hi Clare
Who,s gonna miss Quebec anyway

let them go When it come,s to

being a Mechif native Or white it

should be one or the other but

first of all we are all canadian

And we are all people and some

are even called[ new canadian ]

2:51 PM  

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