Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Rubbing it in

And from the Too Little Too Late File:

A California condom company announced yesterday that their superhero mascot,, is delivering 2,000 prophylactics to the Super Bowl champion daddy-to-be.

“While Tom Brady has proven himself to be a hero on the football field, something told me that he needs the help of a superhero off the field right now.” said Kevin Mirarchi, owner of

“We have sent him a large quantity of condoms, along with instructions on how to use them properly. Hopefully, this will prevent him from having any more surprises in the near future.”

The online prophylactic dealer sells four million condoms a year - apparently just not to Brady . . . .

Brady Story Puts Role of Media Under Microscope
By Tony Massniotti (Boston Herald -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey clare this is on the cybersmokesucks website in the comments - thought tyou should sue them

From Clare,

"My first job was as a Policy Analyst/Researcher for the Liberals under Sharon Carstairs although I have never been a member of any political party."

Clare worked for the liberals. That EXPLAINS a lot. Shows were he first developed a tendancy for stealing and photocopying documents.

7:14 AM

9:39 AM  

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