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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "They'll have to pry that duck from my frozen, dead hands! ..... Will Goodon

I sure would like to see that law David refers to about when and what a Metis can hunt. I would like even more to see the records of what has been harvested by the Metis or even one Metis. If my Dad or any of my relations who still hunt for a living heard or read those comments they would laugh him right out of Canada. Does he think everyone is stupid? Surely he must be joking.

Just An Elder
Dear Elder:

Thank you for writing. Completely agree! Plus what about all those Manitoba Metis hunters who are not MMF members? Federation leadership can't even maintain an accurate voters list. Upon reading David Chartrand's comments we too said to ourselves, "Huh?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with "Just An Elder". One of my family members (a pensioner) was conned out of $35 for a card and I highly doubt David would be there to pay the fine! What a scam. Taking advantage of the elderly who have a hard time making ends meet as it is, how pathetic. What's really sad is the number of Metis people out there who are not members nor do they give a crap about David or The MMF!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmhhh why would will gooden want to hunt when he makes over hundred grand per year maybe b/c he's davids friend and they want to set precedent together who cares there are real hunters out there jus trying to make a living on anything caught if I made a hundred grand a yr I would be shopping at safeway like will I'm sure he allways does don't see david helping all the other hunters who have been caught d/c and ray.c got caught a few yrs a go in duck mtn. d.c made ray take all the blame i just don't get it d.c . ray doesnt even make 20thousand a yr what an ass if u ask me remember that time d.c if you dont' remmeber ask E.c he was there man i have alot on you d.c it's not even funny

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