Saturday, March 17, 2007

The price of gas!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sorry for the long delay in postings but have been pre-occupied with a couple large, fascinating, leading edge studies the results of which will eventually be rolled out (2008) for Manitobans to read.

Have received an identical e-mail presentation (both containing multiple distribution lists) from two different sources. Many of the names shown appear to be Metis although we have no way of knowing if the concept originated in Manitoba or elsewhere. It calls upon consumers to protest high profits being realized by the oil industry citing in particular Imperial Oil and Shell. By way of background:

ESSO Reported Record Profit As Gasoline Hit $1 A Litre

"Imperial Oil also announced record high profits for all of 2005 - $2.6 billion or $7.59 per share easily surpassing the previous record in 2004 of $2.1 billion or $5.74 a share."

Excerpt from: (February 2, 2006)

Note: Imperial Oil is Canada's largest oil company. It's majority shareholder is the Exxon Mobile Corporation which has a 69.8% ownership position.

Shell Reports Record UK Profits

"Soaring oil prices in 2005 have helped Royal Dutch Shell report a record annual profit for a UK listed company. The Anglo-Dutch energy giant generated profits of $22.94 billion (13.12 billion British pounds) - up nearly a third on last year when it set a UK record with profits of $17.59 billion."

Excerpt from: (February 2, 2006)

Perhaps someone can answer this. When our conventional reserves are added to Alberta's oil sands recoverable potential the numbers measure in the trillions of barrels second only to Saudi Arabia. So why do we pay such high gasoline prices in Canada?

According to ESSO stands for SO or Standard Oil from which Imperial Oil originated. It's currently trading at about $40 a share on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) while Shell is around $45.

Here it is.

Clare L. Pieuk
The Price Of Gas - 99.9 cents per litre!

Hello everyone,

We hear the price of gas will climb to approximately $1.42 per litre by this summer. Do you want the cost to go down? IT IS POSSIBLE!

However, we must act NOW and wisely! Last year, a few suggestions were made for instance, "Do not buy gas on certain days!" The companies had a good laugh as they knew if it were not purchased on Monday it would be bought on Tuesday. At best it was an inconvenience for them but not a problem. Someone thought of a plan that can work IF WE REALLY WANT IT! Read the following, join us and help implement the strategy!

Gas now sells for 99.9 cents per litre for unleaded as an average for Canada. In some areas the price is even higher. We all know we're "being taken for a ride" by the companies. Remember when they raised the cost to over $1.00 arguing product would be in short supply. There is more now then 35 years ago when it was 29 cents. They want us to believe it's cheap at 89 or 99 cents. THINK ABOUT IT!

If the major oil companies do not sell enough gas they will inevitably begin to lower their prices and this will trigger a PRICE WAR! To have the desired impact we must reach millions of ESSO and SHELL consumers. THIS IS HOW WE PROCEED!

I am sending the e-mail to approximately 30 people. If everyone sends it to 10 others we will have already contacted 300 individuals. Assuming they, in turn, do the same potentially MILLIONS will have read it in no time and WE CAN START A WAR - A PRICE WAR! Do you really believe ESSO and SHELL will have any other option but to reduce costs. It is absolutely NECESSARY to continue purchasing our gasoline ELSEWHERE and do so until we reach the objective.



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