Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's not difficult!

Hi Clare,

I admire the time you are prepared to take towards this petition. I wish I had the time, but I send you the best and will install your site on my sidebar and also write an article on your efforts when I find time today....good luck and a lot of Metis thank you.

To Premier Doer and Prime Minister Harper:

I am discouraged by the lack of accountability and transparency by the MMF. Wasteful spending, nepotism, three advertising campaigns with NO accountability to its people in regards to who got the advertising contracts? Why is the government spending so many public dollars on a private corporation that insists on becoming no more that a Metis advertising agency. The sum of dollars spent on advertising seems to be obscured by the questionable accounting practices used by the Federation.

As far as these signs go, they are a huge waste and if an investigation were to be done thoroughly, I believe there would be a finding of nepotism, back door friendship-type dealings that ultimately decided where the advertising contracts were to go....we are talking in excess of a million dollars....if this happened to either of the three mainstream Parties, this would be a huge public scandal....these are not only Metis dollars, taxpayers demand accountability as well....GroupAction and the Liberal advertising scandal comes to mind.

Metis News and Stuff has also received many comments and other e-mail that suggest this private corporation is engaging in more than just questionable business practices. I have always made myself available to any contact with your Offices.

Derryl Sanderson,
Metis News and Stuff
Dear Derryl,

Thank you for the support and link. Getting a petition started especially online is not difficult:

(1) Prepare and post a brief statement saying the undersigned are opposed to the MMF spending $500,000 of public money on signs. Rather, it should be directed to improving support services for Metis people throughout the province

(2) Since the Federation receives public dollars from both Manitoba and the Federal Government, anyone in Canada who pays taxes can participate

(3) Simply send us (www.derrylsanderson.blogspot or your:

(a) Full Name
(b) Address
(c) Telephone Number/E-mail

(4) A person's particulars will NEVER appear on the internet. Their private information is strictly for compiling Premier Doer's master list

Clare L. Pieuk


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