Friday, June 15, 2007

Drumroll please ..... Meet ACW President Lionel Chartrand!

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A special thank you to the reader who sent the link (
=42&itemid=2) containing Mr. Chartrand's picture and an accompanying two page article dated Monday, May 28, 2007 entitled, "Meet ACW President Lionel Chartrand."

In the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg's November, 2006 election (An unmitigated disaster!), Mr. Chartrand narrowly won a controversial decision which subsequently had to be upheld in court.

Our fondest memory of Lionel Chartrand goes back to January, 2004 when as Legal Counsel (volunteer) he conceived, wrote and caused an article (a petition) to be posted which the Manitoba Metis Federation alleges is defamatory subsequently filing a taxpayer funded lawsuit. As lawyers are fond of saying, we have plenty of black print (his e-mail to to substantiate our claim.

Miraculously, Mr. Lionel R.R. Chartrand was not named as a Co-Defendant in the litigation? In the past, he has been under contract to do paid legal work for the MMF while simultaneously behind-the-scenes quietly assisting former Manitoba Lieutenant Governor W. Yvon Dument and his then attorney (Regan Thatcher) in the Metis National Council's beyond ridiculous lawsuit against Mr. Dumont. Winnipeg lawyers Anders Bruun and Jeff Niederhoffer eventually took over the case successfully defending Yvon Dumont at his April 2006 trial.

Clare L. Pieuk

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