Friday, June 29, 2007

A Special Canada Day Message To The Good Citizens Of Ste. Rita, Manitoba - "If necessary challenge the MMF in court!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

We're well aware of your struggle with the Manitoba Metis Federation and their sign which suggests you're all governed by their Local with its 15-20 Members who bother to regularly attend meetings. How much did they save over the past several years being allowed to use YOUR Community Centre at no charge for their meetings?

Fellow Blogger and respected colleague Mr. Derryl Sanderson (& BEAR! - previously incorrectly identified as "Skippy!) over at has been championing your cause. How often do you get a false and misleading sign planted in your backyard by Manitoba Metis Federation Incorporated Chief Executive Officer David N. Chartrand and distinguished guests with little prior consultation?

We applaud your efforts circulating a petition but what about this:
(1) Have a couple fundraisers - BarBQs - whatever - to raise a few hundred dollars to hire a legal researcher

(2) Contact an attorney, offer the proceeds you've raised as an upfront retainer to do a little research. Are there grounds for forcing the MMF to remove THEIR sign (or at the minimum alter the wording - remove the false/misleading term "government" which gives cause to deliberately misleading the general public not resident of Ste. Rita. We can think of a couple fine gentleman who'd consider helping - failing that a third year law student or one articling but definately not Lionel R.R.Chartrand!

(3) If the recommendation were to go to trial, the MMF would then have to find a lawyer (minimum $250/hour) using YOUR hard earned taxpayer dollars to defend its "reputation" such as it is. Remember, as a last resort there's always THE BIG KAHUNA with his 18 inchers!

(4) And when it's over and you've won, citizens of Ste. Rita you can all celebrate - don't forget to invite your friends!



Clare L. Pieuk


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