Friday, June 01, 2007

We're starting another petition - please help!

Tansi/Good Day Folks,

Here's our thinking:

(1) Like you we too are totally p....d about the way the MMF Leadership recently marched, virtually unannounced, into the Manitoba hamlet of Ste. Rita proclaiming it to be a Metis community by planting a large taxpayer funded sign. Worst yet, they have at least another 130 locations still to go at a public expense of at least $500 thousand while your people are in such need of significant improvement to their social services!

Want one of these traveling signs to suddenly appear in your backyard eh?

(2) Here are your options:

(a) Practice civil obedience - go through life as a jealous yet PROUD chicken little

(b) Speak out, start a petition but risk having the Manitoba Metis Federation drop a minimum $250/hour taxpayer funded lawyer on you alleging defamation!

(c) Engage in acts of passive civil disobedience such as:

(i) Taking a basic, crash course in entomology

(ii) Hiring an MMF paid for young, virile Metis student to protect your community this summer. Please make sure they're well equipped and mentally balanced - psychos need not apply!

However, we've decided to take the high road. Read on .....

(2) Our supporters believe this latest provocation by the MMF is: undemocratic; not in the public interest; unconstituitional; a violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms not to mention unCANADIAN!

Uncle Joe: "Comrades this is not good!"

(3) We'd like to collect enough signatures to send to Premier Doer demanding action!

(4) Anyone who pays taxes in Canada can join our protest!


Please e-mail us ( with your ideas. Not to worry, none of your particulars will be revealed to anyone other than our Premier should the petition go forward.

If necessary we remain prepared to appeal to a much Higher Moral Authority!
Failing that, if we're really desperate there's always these guys:

Try suing this posting for defamation Mr. Murray Norman ($BILLABLE HOURS$!") Trachtenberg. Good luck!

Clare L. Pieuk
Distribution List:

THE VERDICT with Paula Todd on CTV



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