Friday, June 22, 2007

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Donkeys Make Asses Of Themselves As Weed Eaters So Goats Are Called On Get The Job Done

Four goats have landed the cushy job of eating as many weeds as their stomachs will hold in an experiment by the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George to replace herbicides.

"They arre surprisingly cheap, "said Prof. Annie Booth, who is heading the goat project. "I paid about $100 each for mine. They simply work for weeds." Three fo the goats are also pregnant, so Ms. Booth expects to double her workforce by next year.

Ms. Booth started out using donkeys, "but it didn't work out too well," she said. "They were like kids let loose in a candy shop. Donkeys will eat themselves to death. Goats are a little more sensible." Nor does she think highly of sheep, although they can be "very effective as lawn mowers," she said. "Goats are less likely to fall into the sewage. "

CanWest News Service


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