Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time for a joint forensic audit of the MMF-MNC legal costs!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:
Interesting article posted on Mr. Sanderson's (and BEAR's!) revised comments appear at the end (blue). Originally, Blogger Sanderson talked about how his son had been denied $330 for his upcoming football season. Why? Probably because the MMF doesn't have any money left because it's paying so much for legal services!
Anyone know which lawyer is handling the court injunction? From where the taxpayer dollars will be taken to pay for it? Is there an attorney out there who could anonymously contact us with an estimate of how much the legal fees are likely to be? A Federal Government audit is long overdue!
Clare L. Pieuk
Chartrand/Chartier Combo To Seek Court Injunction
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Metis National Council (MNC) President Clement Chartier and Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand announced today that a court injunction is being sought to protect democracy and restore order to the Metis National Council.
The matter will be heard before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on September 6th 2007.The request for an injunction was prompted by the attempts of several MNC Board of Governors to wrongfully remove MNC President Chartier on July 31st of this year.
According to Chartrand it is only the MNC General Assembly that has the final authority to remove a sitting President, and only then with just cause.The interim order will preserve the 'status quo' of the MNC, which Chartier and Chartrand allege has been compromised as attempts have been made to cancel contracts and change MNC Ministerial appointments following the wrongful removal of President Chartier.
"As Board of Governors of the MNC we are there to represent the people we serve in each of our provinces" stated MMF President Chartrand, "While my first priority is to resolve matters of governance outside the courts, we must ensure the integrity of the national assembly and the democratic process of the people is never compromised."
Both Chartier and Chartrand hope the injunction will provide expeditious resolutions that will protect the precious resources and restore the credibility of the national office, so that the focus can return to advancing the Metis Nation Agenda.For more information, please contact:
Clement Chartier (306) 221-9861
Manitoba Metis Federation
Nicole Leclair
Director of Communications
(204) 986-8474 ext. 374
Cellular: (204) 232-5737
To Clem and CEO Chartrand.....all you had to was to practice the democracy you preach.....the MNC was supposed to have an election last year.The Saskatchewan election was a poor excuse to extend Chartier's mandate, and by the other Metis leaders reactions', they feel the same way.


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