Monday, October 22, 2007

Won't be long Ste. Rita residents!

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Hey There,

We in St Rita, Manitoba are just waiting for the chance to cast our numerous votes. Word around here is the new sign "same wording" is going up next month. They are at the same time putting up two flags - have the cement poured already. It will be interesting to see the outcome. Just give us the word and we will deliver you the votes.

Yours truly,
Dear P O'd:

Thank you for writing. Some organizations never learn then there's the current MMF leadership.

We have been advised by the Petition Committee it has had a lawyer review it to ensure none of the wording is even remotely litigious so the Federation cannot attempt to sue those involved to block its distribution. Apparently the PC is also considering a Press/News Release to announce the official launch.

Why not e-mail your expressions of support to The Committee will need volunteers to collect votes offline (door-to-door). The online portion of the petition can be done electronically.

And remember, since the Manitoba Metis Federation receives over 95% of its funding from the federal government any taxpaying Canadian is eligible to vote.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is there no other signs but the one in my town erected David? I thought every one wanted one!!! Even St . Laurant does not have one. WHY?? Just admit it your sign plot was a bad investment, and your people are paying for it ( lack of avililble fund for ligitiment funding) We in St. Rita do not want your sign take it away!!

1:44 PM  

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