Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So we liked the other ones did we - you'll love this!

Daniel Fedor has left a new comment on your post, "Why you should support the petition! Good use of your taxpayer dollars?"

Why was Terry Belhumeur there? Did he have questions for you too? If so, why wasn't Vanessa Everton also present? Keep up your great work! My friends and I love what you're doing in terms of publicizing this lawsuit!

Dear Daniel:

Thank you for writing and the kind words.

Yes, Mr. Belhumeur was present although I was given no prior indication he would be. Counselor Trachtenberg had advised earlier in writing he was scheduled to be cross-examined before me (without checking my records for the exact date I believe it was September 6, 2007).

No. Terry Belhumeur was not allowed to ask any questions or make comment. One co-defendant can attend another's cross-examination but does not have intevenor status (can't ask questions/make comment).

He simply sat there taking notes while struggling very hard to look intelligent. So I asked Counselor Trachtenberg for a copy of Mr. Belhumeur's transcript from his earlier cross-examination. He mumbled something about there had been a change of which I'd be advised - still waiting. Notice there hasn't been a new posting on his website (www.CyberSmokeSignals.com - oakhammockmarsh@yahoo.com) since mid-July this year. Wonder why?

Terry Belhumeur

Vanessa Everton is no longer a co-defendant. Suffice it to say a letter of apology was written to the MMF a copy of which Counselor Trachtenberg was obliged to provide upon request which is exactly what I did during my cross-examination. As much as I'd love to post it on this site for the world to see, I've been advised such would contravene Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Rules. Sorry!

Don't forget to vote for the petition and ask your friends to do the same - ALL Canadian taxpayers are eligible. Only with thousands of signatures sent to Federal and Manitoba politicians will significant pressure be brought to bear on the MMF leadership to clean up its act. In the meantime, Counselor Trachtenberg is getting rich on our hard earned public money.

Murray Norman ($The Happy Litigator$) Trachtenberg

Clare L. Pieuk


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