Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here's Meeqwetch coming right back at you Mr. President!

President David N. Chartrand

Message from the President-November 28, 2007

The Powley, Belhumeur, and Laviolette decisions have shown us how arbitrary and irrelevant provincial boundaries are to our hunting traditions. But some governments continue to argue these are limits with great significance. Unfortunately others have also bought into that idea. We say these borders are just lines on a map with no real substance and cannot be used to divide our People or deny our Rights.

At a time when we must stand together, there are forces trying to destroy our Nation. These forces are a real danger. This is evident in recent statements by President Bruce Dumont in which he infers the “Metis Nation British Columbia” is considering leaving the Metis National Council. He doesn’t say where he plans to go.

He says there are five Metis Nations. Does he really expect us to believe there are five separate, sovereign, and independent nations across our Homeland? If we truly respect the struggles of our ancestors, and sacrifices of our past leaders, there cannot be a separate Metis Nation for every province. There is only one Metis Nation.

This dangerous and divisive state of mind has led to the mistaken belief that some Presidents can ignore our national constitution and reinterpret our national governance to support their own provincial agendas. Some have ignored our national definition and have gone far beyond our national territory to stake claim to so-called members, communities and lands not truly our own. This is not right.

The declaration of our New Nation, the raising of our Infinity Flag, and our legal, political, and military battles are the historic foundations upon which we will build our future. Nationhood has always been very important to our community. Together we will continue to lead the charge to protect the dignity, integrity, and unity of our Metis Nation.

Believe in Yourself – Believe in Metis.

Mr. President:

Our Readers would like to know since the Metis National Council is no longer receiving new funding from the Federal Government, where are you and former MNC President Chem Chartier getting the money to pay for a lawyer(s) to challenge the other Metis National Council Governors - as you well know, they don't come cheaply! Are you using your own money?

Yet another reason why Canadian taxpayers should support the petition currently circulating calling for greater public dissclosure and financial accountability of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Stop pointing your finger at us or we'll find a lawyer to sue you and your Provincial Board of Directors for defamation. We're sure we could find a solicitor to take the case.

Or if we're really hard up there's always you know who!

Too bad he can't lawyer like he curls!

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clare
First of all Meeqwetch &tansi
I don,t know what language but
it ain,t mechif
neither is Kishee Tey,Moyan
michif Wi,yawn Tansi Kiya wow
Ta wow [ Straight cree
as far as i,am concern
my Opinion If people [ can,t
Talk Mechif they should stick
to english where people [ might]
under stand Them

9:39 AM  

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