Friday, November 02, 2007

The petition - please vote!


Many Manitoba Metis are NOT members of the MMF yet it receives approximately $25 million annually in public money - over 95% from the federal government the rest provincially.


We the undersigned believe the following changes must be implemented before the publicly funded MMF can better serve ALL Manitoba Metis citizens and Canadian taxpayers.

(1) Greater financial accountability, public disclosure and transparency for public monies spent be required by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba:

Therefore, we request a joint Federal/Provincial forensic audit be undertaken immediately.

(2) Elections Manitoba be empowered to oversee MMF elections to ensure:

(i) Voters lists are accurate, complete and do not contain the names of individuals who have relinquished their Metis status by virtue of applying and receiving C-31 status from the Government of Canada

(ii) Enumeration and other procedures be properly followed to ensure fair and equitable elections

(iii) All voter complaints prior to, during and after elections be thorouthly investigated and reported

(iv) Candidates running for elected office adhere to pre-determined campaign spending limits. Complaints by eligible voters be investigated and a written public report prepared

(v) Before being eligible to run for elected office, all candidates must agree to a criminal record check and submit written proof (genealogy search) of their Metis heritage

Therefore, we request Elections Manitoba be empowered to oversee Manitoba Metis Federation elections.

(3) The Manitoba Metis Federation be prohibited from using taxpayer dollars to sue private citizens:

Therefore, we request no public money be spent by elected Manitoba Metis Federation officials to sue private citizens.

(4) All advertising contracts be open to public tender and scrutiny:

Therefore, we request all advertising contracts awarded by the Manitoba Metis Federation be subject to public scrutiny upon demand.


To register your vote, the following information is required:

1. Full Name
2. Canadian Taxpayer (Yes/No)
3. Complete address (please include postal code)
4. Telephone (area code if outside Manitoba)
5. E-mail Address (if available)
6. Metis Citizen (Yes/No - Optional)
7. Manitoba Metis Federation Member (Yes/No - Optional)


ALL CANADIAN TAXPAYERS are eligible regardless of residency. You may register in one of two ways:

A. Online

If you see this petition on any website or blog simply e-mail the information requested above to:

B. Offline

To be a volunteer enumerator, contact: and a data collection sheet (Microsoft Word tabular format) will be e-mailed.

Please ensure every voter signs and prints their name so all signatures can be identified.Send your completed data sheets to:

Post Office Box 63
Inwood, Manitoba
R0C 1P0

ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED IS STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. It will only be used to compile a master list hard copies of which will be delivered to:

The Prime Minister (
Minister of Indian And Northern Affairs Canada (
Minister of Finance (
President, Treasury Board of Canada (
Minister of Justice (
Rod Bruinooge (
Auditor General of Canada (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - National (

Premier, Manitoba (
Minister of Finance (
Minister of Justice (
Auditor General of Manitoba (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Manitoba (

This website has agreed to post periodic updates on numbers of signatures collected as provided by CTPOC. NO PERSONAL OR INDIVIDUAL INFORMATION WILL BE PUBLISHED.

Thank You!
The Canadian Taxpayers' Petition Committee


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