Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Baron's back!

Red Baron has left a new comment on your post, "Metis Nation of British Columbia speaks out!


It's been a long time but I've been watching you and in my own way have also been tracking the progress of this foolish lawsuit against you.

I also like what you and your friends have done with your new petition. If I could add my name I would. Should this suit go ahead to trial, I want you to know you have allies you don't even know about - I'm thinking of the MNC Governors.

By now it's obvious to everyone they don't like Chartrand but I have some insider information for you -part of their hard feelings have to do with Chartrand's lawsuit against you. Don't ask me how I know, I just know. They see Chartrand as abusing his power, they know how important this case is to him and how humiliating it would be for him to lose.
Dear Red Baron:

Indeed it has been a while! We always arrpeciated your comments because they were so reasoned, insightful, very well written and, therefore, credible.

We've wondered if David Chartrand has some kind of pathological political death wish. Look at the Ste. Rita, Manitoba sign fiasco where the removal of one word ("government") would have resolved the issue - he wouldn't do it? Then there's suing Canada's first Metis Lieutenant Governor The Honourable W. Yvon Dumont after which the unfavourable decision is now being appealed - all at taxpayers' expense!

The lititation has several huge holes each of which is big enough to drive a semi through yet Counselor Trachtenberg continues to pursue this beyond assinine lawsuit at $250/hour minimum using our hard earned taxpayers' money! Rest assured if the MMF leadership is foolish enough to force it to trial there will be Manitoba and National coverage - guaranteed! Wonder what federal and politicians would think? Minister Strahl has already cutoff new funding to the Metis National Council could the Federation be next?

Red Baron, yes you can vote for the latest petition - remember it's open to ALL Canadians as long as they pay taxes. Simply send the required information to Please help them bring about much needed change. Our prediction? David Chartrand will not make it to the next MMF election and ,like Murray Trachtenberg, both will be gone because of the mess they've created. Don't think for a moment each doesn't see it coming.

At my September 18, 2000 Examination For Discovery, held in Counselor Trachtenberg's office, I advised him the first order of business for the next MMF President will be to drop the hughly embarrassing and ridiculous lawsuit then he'd be next! A strange expression came over Mr. Trachtenberg's face but he didn't say anything - first time I'm seen him at a loss for words. Interestingly, shortly thereafter he prematurely adjourned the EFD.

Hope you don't mind Red Baron but since no one knows your identity a copy of this has been sent to everyone on the petition's distribution list - the politicians in Ottawa and at the Manitoba Legislature - who will eventually receive a confidential master list of the names of all those who voted. So please help by registering. Only thing is you won't be able to use your Red Baron pseudonym.

Unfortunately, Manitoba Court of Bench Rules prevent us from posting a verbatim record of Mr. Trachtenberg recent silly cross-examination otherwise it would be displayed in its entirety for the world to see! Suffice it to say it was pathetic! And don't forget, defamation cases in Canada are public proceedings held before a Justice and 12 jurors. Can you imagine the MMF dirty laundry which will come out in open court for everyone in the media and on the internet to see?

It's nice to know the MNC is against the CyberSmokeSignals lawsuit. Rest assured several Winnipeg lawyers are closely monitoring this ridiculous case chomping at the bit to get involved. They're waiting for the right moment - Murray Trachtenberg acting for the plaintiffs forces it to trial.

Conclusion: Clearly David Chartrand and Murray Trachtenberg are in BIG, BIG POLITICAL TROUBLE! Both know they will not survive the current turmoil for which they are largely responsible!

Clare L. Pieuk

Distribution List

The Prime Minister (
Minister of Indian And Northern Affairs Canada (
Minister of Finance (
President, Treasury Board of Canada (
Minister of Justice (
Rod Bruinooge (
Auditor General of Canada (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - National (

Premier, Manitoba (
Minister of Finance (
Minister of Justice (
Auditor General of Manitoba (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Manitoba (


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Anonymous Red Baron said...

Word to the wise- Get in touch with the BC and Ontario Metis organizations- send them a few posts if you have to. You'll be interested by the responses I think you'll receive

10:37 AM  

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