Thursday, November 08, 2007

FANTASTIC - Canadian Taxpayers Federation supports petition!

Adrienne Batra
Regional Director - Manitoba
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Cellular: (204) 227-5561

Hi everyone!

Thank you so very much CyberSmokeBlog for the opportunity to directly address your readership.

On behalf of The Canadian Taxpayers Petition Organizing Committee we'd like to thank our many Metis Brothers and Sisters, as well as, ALL Canadians across this great land for their overwhelming support. Shortly we'll give CSB some numbers to post so you'll see for yourselves.

Recently, the Manitoba Office of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation advised us shortly it will be posting our petition on the Manitoba link of it's national website. Needless to say we're totally overwhelmed!

Thank you so very much CTF and this site for helping us get the word out!


FANTASTIC! Your are indeed welcome. We're really behind in responding to our e-mail but what we've received so for is solidly behind you.

As soon as we have a chance we'll start displaying as many of the comments as we can. In the meantime, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT news the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has agreed to post your petition on its Manitoba site. GOOD LUCK! - it's about time someone finally held the MMF President and his Provincial Board of Directors accountable for our taxpayers' dollars it spends.

Clare L. Pieuk

Distribution List

The Prime Minister (
Minister of Indian And Northern Affairs Canada (
Minister of Finance (
President, Treasury Board of Canada (
Minister of Justice (
Rod Bruinooge (
Auditor General of Canada (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - National (

Premier, Manitoba (
Minister of Finance (
Minister of Justice (
Auditor General of Manitoba (
Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Manitoba (


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