Monday, December 10, 2007

The $300,000 Canadian taxpayers' duck?

MMF Paying Legal Fees For Millionaire

"It's one of the most disturbing things I have heard of in the MMF world....they certainly can't be from planet earth. Frank Godon, cousin to MMF member Will Goodon, questions why the MMF would be paying legal costs for a millionaire.....which just happens to be Will." (Derryl Sanderson)

"Over at Metis News and Stuff I came upon this story that states the MMF has spent over $300,000 of taxpayers monies for the Will Goodon duck case. Now I love this guy like a brother and totally respect Will as a person (and cousin). My main complaint (aside from the fact that its a duck) is why are taxpayers' monies being used when Will himself is a millionaire and the son of a millionaire. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the monies Aboriginal organizations set aside for defending memebers supposed to be used for those who financially can't afford it? Would Will continue with this case if he were paying for it out of his pocket?

Second point I would like to make is one that came from one of my Russian students. How did Indians/Metis hunt ducks years ago when there were no 12 guage shotguns? Were ducks a main staple of the Indian or Metis's diet or were they just an occasional treat when one did catch a duck? Isn't a duck a migratory game bird so doesn't that fall under federal legislation and not provincial? Or even international regulations? So many questions over one duck that should have just been taken home and eaten." (Frank Godon)

"Thanks Frank, that IS news. How many of you knew that Will was a millionaire? More to come.....and it's coming fast!" (Derryl Sanderson)
For those of you not familiar with the story Will Goodon used to be Communications Director in the Chartrand administration. A couple years ago to challenge Manitoba's gathering laws he shot a duck out of season and dropped it at the feet of a conservation officer. Needless to say he was promptly charged. The trial was held in Brandon, Manitoba and everyone's awaiting the Judge's written decision.

Will Goodon with $300,000 Canadian taxpayers' duck?

With all these legal fees, little wonder the MMF is reportedly over $1 million in the red!


Anonymous Lippy said...

Thanks Will! I wonder how many families that money could have helpled? Or how many students' tuitions it would have covered? Pick your battles carefully dumbass and use your own damn money!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's say 2 million $ in the red round it off from 1.8 million dollars? and Million's of $$$ spent on the Landclaims over the last 26 years.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Smitty said...

will goodon is a big chump and a loser, i dont even think he's a real metis, that duck has more metis blood that he does..............

clare keep on rocking.....

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Smitty said...

How's Willy boy's court case goin, i hear its deader than that duck

1:32 PM  

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