Monday, January 21, 2008

Notice of Discontinuance!

Dear Mr. Deslauriers:

The following was posted by you today on

Dear Derryl,

It was brought to my attention this weekend Clare Pieuk (CyberSmokeBlog) has been writing about me and using your blog for information.

First, I would like to thank him for putting my story out there. Second, I wish to inform him I requested around a year or so ago to be removed from this lawsuit. My reasoning is this, after listening to some MMF staff and watching Elbert Chartrand feed false information to Clare (some about me) and the delay with this lawsuit I believe his site is being used to divert David and his group's problems on to other people. I also believe all information he receives is being fed to him.

Therefore I wish to make it public I am no longer in favour of this lawsuit and will not be held reponsible for any actions. Because I don't know this Clare or go on his site I wish to make this statement here, if he wishes to have his lawyer contact me I'm sure he knows how.
10:44 AM

Mr. Deslauriers, if what you say it true, something is terribly, terribly wrong. Any plaintiff in a lawsuit has the right to request their name be removed. Approximately a year ago, who did you ask and what did they say?

You need only contact your MMF attorney in this matter Murray Norman Trachtenberg and instruct him (Remember, you are the client!) you would like to sign a Notice of Discontinuance. He must compy. Counselor Trachtenberg will then send me a copy for my signature which, of course, I'd agree. Once that is done you are no longer a plaintiff. You may recall that's what Bonnie McIntyre and Richard Delaronde did during the Summer of 2006.

Should Mr. Trachtenberg refuse (He must comply!), you would have extremely strong grounds for filing a very serious complaint against him with the Manitoba Law Society. In fact, if I were to become aware he denied your request I too would officially complain (My third!) in writing to the MLS. Such action would constitute yet another abuse of process by Counselor Tracchtenberg.

As for Elbert Chartrand and other MMF staff's possible shenanigans, if they contact a Blog using "anonymous" or a pseudonym, there is no way to identify them.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet trachtenberg wouldn't let him! delaronde still talks about how this lawyer would always try to bully him around.

3:29 PM  

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