Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Riel Sash Going Home
The Winnipeg Sun
January 25, 2008
Page 21
The Canadian Press

DAWSON CREEK - There were mixed feelings when the general manager of Winnipeg's Louis Riel Institute arrived here to pick up the Metis sash previously owned by Riel.

On one hand, the historical artifact will be taken from Dawson Creek and the home where it resided for decades.

On the other, the important piece of Canadian history will be cared for in a place of honour, currently being built at the institute.

Little relieved

Rose Aasterveit, a North Eastern Metis Association board member and lifelong proponent of Metis culture, was glad to see the sash going to the institute.

Marian Hackworth, who until Tuesday retained possession of the sash, agreed the item was better left to the institute, and even seemed a little relieved to have it off her hands.

On February 18, Manitoba will celebrate its first ever Louis Riel Day in honour of the sash's former owner.

Hackworth and Aasterveit are being flown there to take part in the day's festivities and join in on a sash passing ceremony.

The Riel sash will then be left at the St. Boniface Museum.


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