Saturday, March 29, 2008

We have another winner!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

No, no, no! Not "Bear" - musician Mr. Derryl Sanderson ( the one on the left! We are pleased to announce he is the recipient of our Gold Standard 5 Banjo Award for most inconsistent statements posted on the internet. Congratulations, Sir.

We rest our case - for now!

Clare L. Pieuk

"MMF Donation Puts Upper Fort Garry Over The Top And Other Metis Tidbits" (March 29, 2008)

.....So what's to say? I guess we could just say kudos to the MMF President and his Board. So I will. Congratulations on helping to preserve this historic site that means so much to all Metis and indeed, all Manitobans .....

"Monday Musings" (August 20, 2007)

I phoned the Head of the Youth Department at the MMF last week and was directed to a guy named Joe Prest or Pressed.....he must be awfully pressed for time anywho. I called to ask him about possible football funding for my son.....Joe initially stated that usually doesn't happen. The Youth Departman sponsors teams.....OK. So I ask him to elaborate on what exactly he meant by "not usually" does that mean preferred individuals get funding? Joe then stated he had to go and for me to call him back. I did. Joe still hasn't returned my call. Apparently the MMF can't even help out kids playing sports. Joe tried to send me to KidsSport. Good move Joe.

MMF Finally Responds! (February 28, 2007)

Before you read this, I have to tell you that my initial response to this e-mail was one of disappointment. The e-mail was sent by the Executive Director of the MMF and former NDP Deputy Minster, Oliver Boulette. Here are a few excerpts from the political type response.....which by the way, is contrary to how I have dealt with the MMF in the past. Making up the rules for opposing members on the fly?

February 28, 2007
Mr. Derryl Sanderson
Sent via email:

Dear Mr. Sanderson:

Please accept this email correspondence as confirmation of receipt of the two telephone calls you had directed to the President’s Office on February 26, 2007.

In response to the queries you have noted in your February 26, 2007, telephone calls, I will, once again, provide you with the process in which you must follow in order to have your queries responded to. I would recommend that you contact the MMF Local for your area/community and pose the question to the Chair and/or Co-chair representing your Local. The Local Chair in your area/community can approach the MMF Region that represents the Local and inquire on your behalf.

Of final note, this will be the last response that the MMF will be providing to you with respect to any further questions or concerns that you may have.

Oliver BouletteExecutive DirectorOliver and I both know along with Dave Chartrand, Don Roulette, and many others who are employed at the Federation, before my opposition to the current Executive began, my phone calls were always made to and addressed by head office....remember the cheque you gave me for $ 650 Don?

I phoned you and asked for gas money for my initial gig in Grand Rapids, you gave me $ 650.....I felt guilty about getting that amount so I bought the band supper and gave them each $ 100. Didn't have to contact a Region or Local.....The funding provided for my three son's sports registration fees were always just a phone call and a quick letter away......after I found out that some families were not getting even $65, I returned another $600 cheque that was granted to me on the basis of a phone call to head office, once again Oliver, Don or Dave didn't say call Winnipeg first........all the gigs that I had performed for the federation pre-opposition days, were always through head office. Dave himself even took time to phone me.

So, please stop with the crap Oliver. I'm not going to argue with you politically on're wrong and you know it.....speaking as straight forward as I can.....I could phone and get a response any time, before I went against, what I feel is a corrupt organization. This response is ludicrous. I also know a few other musicians who never had to go to their Region and/or Llocal before getting aid from the MMF. The MMF's first response to me in a long time, could have been better.....and you know what Oliver? I won't contact you again but I hope through my investigations and info gained on this site, that others will be.


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