Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Gold Standard Banjo Award!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Given BUTCHE'S! penchant for violence, we decided an alternate softer, gentler gold standard was required to recognize outstanding internet commentary.
The recent Frank Godon-Cousin Will internet "debates" inspired us to develop the Golden Banjo Awards. Recall the 1972 movie Deliverance based on James Dickey's novel by the same name starring Jon Voight, Burt Renyolds, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox. James Dickey had a small role as the Sheriff.

Widely acclaimed as a landmark film, Deliverance is the story of four suburban professional men from Atlanta on a weekend canoe and camping trip. The film is noted for the memorable music scene near the beginning that sets the tone for what lies ahead: a trip into unknown and potentially dangerous territory. In the scene, set at a rural gas station, character Drew Ballinger plays the instrumental "Dueling Banjos" on his guitar with a mentally-challenged hillbilly youth named Lonnie (implied as being an inbred albino in the novel, portrayed by Billy Redden in the film). The boy eventually outplays Drew with his banjo. The song won the 1974 Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance.

The film was selected by the New York Times as one of "The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made," while the viewers of Channel 4 in the United Kingdom voted it 45 in a list of The 100 Greatest Films.

Four Atlanta men — Lewis, Ed, Bobby, and Drew — (played by Reynolds, Voight, Beatty and Cox, respectively) decide to canoe down the fictional Cahulawassee River in the remote Georgia wilderness, expecting to have fun and see the glory of nature before the river valley is flooded over by the upcoming construction of a dam and lake. The trip turns into a terrifying ordeal revealing the primal nature of man, his animal instincts of predation and survival, and even his potential for violence.

Here's but one delightful Cousin Will-Frank exchange (December 10, 2007 We judged it to be worth only one Golden Banjo Award - they can argue over who gets it. Our vote is for Cousin Will for his excellent Queen's English.
----- Original Message ----

From: Will Goodon
To: Frank Godon
Sent: Sunday, December 9, 2007 10:31:21 PM
Subject: Re: Some important news for you

I admit I am writing this letter in anger. So this might be the last time. Don't even think about giving me shit or telling everyone that the MMF is paying for my case. Everyone knows. So fuck you.

Will Goodon Man About Town
Box 34, Site 145
RR1 Brandon, Manitoba R7A 5Y1
Canada 1-204-571-3076

I figured they were paying.....but not for a millionaire.....being a meeting goer pays off for MMF chosen the way Frank told me he once picked a cheque for $ 2,028 from the MNVA at headoffice for a vets meeting.....only thing is the meeting NEVER took place.....tune in tomorrow for another episode of "As The MMF Turns."

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