Thursday, March 27, 2008

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March 27, 2008

Who's Not Working Together?

Open Letter to Clem Chartier:

Word has come that you are writing nasty letters to some of your Board of Governors. Remember 5 weeks ago, Clem, you were re-elected and you committed publicly at the Assembly that you would work with all the Board of Governors to build the nation. In fact, you did an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press and said – “.....focus now is getting the Métis nation united. We have agreed to turn the page," said Chartier. " I have no negative feelings towards anyone who ran against me, or voted against me - put that behind us." He feels the outcome of all this is a positive one.


Well in 5 weeks you have yet to work with anyone but David Chartrand. It was reported that you have received money. You write in your Fact Sheet "..... made significant progress in our financial and administrative structures to increase accountability and build the foundation upon which greater political growth can be achieved.”

How are you doing that when you have not even tried to have a Board of Governors meeting? David and you are signing cheques – the money is being funneled through Manitoba Métis Federation and the other BOG members are not aware of where the money is being spent. The Board of Governors hold the liability for the funds that MNC receives – you will not even have a meeting or have not completed one source of reporting to identify what David and you are doing.

Now writing letters to the MNBC trying to create an ever ending battle is not conducive to putting this behind us. Oh yea – we are hearing from your vendors – you have indicated in your “Fact Sheet” that you reduced payments to your vendors from 120 days to 30 days. Well that is not true – is it? Some of your vendors have been waiting since May or June, 2007 to receive payment on their past due accounts.

You claim you were working on policies over the past year – when was that – between Board of Governors meetings or are you like Dale LeClair, your past CAO, who just fabricated policies as issues came up? Don’t the policies have to be approved by the BOG? Would that not require a BOG meeting?

We thought maybe you were waiting to call a meeting until you had funds – but you have received funds – over a half a million dollars from the Métis Interlocutor’s office has been sent to you since you were elected. Still no BOG meeting. Have David and you paid your legal expenses with this money? Have you paid yourselves your alleged damages with these funds? Does not sound like significant progress on financial accountability to some of us.

There are also rumors that you are trying to bring back your good buddy Mr. Dale LeClair as your Chief Administrative Officer. Being that this position works for the Board of Governors – are you going to consult with the other BOG members to seek approval on this decision?

There are many questions and very few answers. We have attitude and ego with no political foresight. Clem, you and David like to point the finger at other BOG members and blame everyone else for your problems – but remember the grandmothers who told you about the four fingers pointing back at you. You are a real lawyer where you publicly put out words but your feet are heading in the opposite direction. Step up Clem – be a leader – you wanted the mess and ran to be the head of it – now face the music – call a Board of Governors meeting and get the parties to the table to resolve these issues.

There is no room for the political egos of any of the leaders today and the longer this carries on the more embarrassing it is for all of us.


Outstanding letter! We are pleased and honoured to award MetisMama our first ever Gold Standard 5 Banjo Award for internet journalist excellence.


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