Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't be so sure!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another one bites the dust?"

No way, Darrel Deslauriers will never tell Murray Trachtenberg where to stick it, he's afraid of him and so are all the plaintiffs for a lot of different reasons but especially because even though he lost the Dumont trial badly, and everyone knows he has been screwing up on this lawsuit, he has David Chartrand behind him!
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for writing. Now that Darrel Deslauriers is no longer an MMF Provincial Board of Director what can David Chartrand do to him? Besides, it's not a question of telling Counselor Trachtenberg where to stick it, rather, demanding a fundamental right to which he is entitled.

Any plaintiff in this lawsuit can request they be removed as a litigant by signing a Notice of Discontinuance and there's nothing Murray Trachtenberg can do but perhaps get angry (So be it!) because it weakens his case. Richard Delaronde and Bonnie McIntyre have already done it and survived.

Remember, the plaintiffs are Counselor Trachtenberg's clients - he's working for them not the other way around. People fire their lawyers all the time. While General Manager of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation (1999), I had the extreme pleasure of informing Mr. Trachtenberg his services were no longer required. Earlier, the Board of Directors had passed a motion the potential for a possible conflict of interest existed because he was simultaneously corporate attorney for both the MMF and the "supposedly" arms-length LRCC. Felt real good too!

Having gone head-to-head with Murray Trachtenberg on at least five occasions (once before a Master, twice a Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice, a Cross-Examination and an Examination for Discovery), his bark is a lot worse than his bite. Why is everyone so afraid of David Chartrand and Counselor Trachtenberg. Don't be so sure.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murray just emailed me, he said the papers go to you to sign to remove me, is this true? He said I don't sign anything and you must agree to remove my name. Darrel

5:24 PM  

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