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Samuel T. Charleston has left a new comment on your post, "Here goes - wish us well!"

Do you know how I might be able to contact Rudolph Carlyle Evans? (and if you don't could you please post this message on your website as I am quite desperate to find out, post haste). I would like to purchase his book, The Resurrection Of Aristocracy, and quickly, but I am unable to locate new copies anywhere.
Dear Mr. Charleston:

Thank you for writing. You have two options:

(1) Go to the link shown below. It looks like there are 4 used and new copies (paperback starting from $1.98) which can be ordered online

(2) Find out the publisher's name. A few months ago we were interested in a book (eventually purchased) by Canadian attorney Philip Slayton - Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex And Madness In Canada's Legal Profession. We wished to make Mr. Slayton aware of our Blog so contacted The Penguin Group (Canada) directly asking if it could provide us with his e-mail address which it did.

The Resurrection of Aristocracy appears to have been published in 1988 so we're assuming author Rudolph Carlyle Evans is still alive. Why not try corresponding with him directly?

Hope this helps.

Clare L. Pieuk

Out Of Print - Used Copies Available

Rudolph Carlyle Evans (born circa 1951-1952) is a reactionary author who has prophesied the rise of a new feudalism. Evans was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At age 5, he moved to England, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology from Hull University in July of 1976. He moved to the United States, resided in Hempstead, New, York and became a U.S. citizen. (

"The present age is one of equality, the new age will be one of aristocracy; the present age is dominated by urban life, the new age will be dominated by a rural lifestyle; the present age is one of mass production, the new age will be one of homemade goods and craftsmanship; the present age has given us the nuclear family, the new age will return us to the extended family; the present age idolizes science and technology, the new age will be hostile or indifferent to these things."

Life will be hard, and the commoners will have very low expectations. They will never question the permanency of their subordinate position...and their joys will be of the most basic kind, such as the birth of a child, the marriage of a son or daughter, and military success of their lord, particularly so when it involves the members of their own community, and of course a good harvest...Communial cooperation will be essential for the common people if they are to survive. No longer will they be able to beg for a living, or live off the charity of some benevolent institution or rely on the government to provide for their needs - put simply, those who do not work really will not eat." - from the book.

Rudolph Carlyle Evans has a utopian vision. A civilization devoid of any modern technology, ruled by an unopposed and unquestioned elite, managed by a warrior caste, and tended to by serfs and commoners. No "trickle down economics" here, just a return to a feudal state run by an iron hand. To quote the introduction by Robert Hertz, "In Evans' view, the main function of the common people is to beat the lily pads at night to keep the frogs quiet." Popular with the Satanists, this work is Machiavelli taken to the exteme. (



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This is sick, dude! Why would you advertise this kind of book!!!

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