Friday, May 30, 2008

The New Fugitives!

Steve and Arlene have left a new comment on your post, "True confession time Steve!"

Ha ha! No problem, it took us a little time but we get it. You know the weirdest thing is we're a little disappointed, but this makes a lot more sense. We didn't get what you were saying earlier when one of the actors was in a witness protection program or that the one-armed man was caught sleeping under a sign!

But seriously what a crazy situation which would also make a good play. Good luck, you "fugitive" hope they never catch you although having a website may lead them straight to you! Just don't fall asleep under a sign and you'll be all right.

Steve and Arlene

P.S. Arlene was duped too by this so she can't complain!

P.P.S. If they ever did a play based on this who would really play you and the other fugitive?
Dear Steve and Arlene:

Thank you for writing. Laugh as you will but there's a story behind that sign.

Late last year the Manitoba Metis Federation unilaterally decided it would impose one of its signs on the good people of Ste. Rita a small town of about 1,300 located an hour east of Winnipeg. What annoyed the folks was use of the word "Government" giving the mistaken impression the MMF was in charge - not! The citizenry even organized a petition the majority of which were in favour of removing it or at least deleting the ambiguous term. David Chartrand wouldn't hear of it so late one night someone set it on fire. Well, a replacement has been erected on private land near the outskirts. The RCMP rarely seen in the area are now keeping a close eye on it.

The person on the extreme left in the photograph is my Federal Member of Parliament The Honourable Raymond Simard. He was asked to attend the original dedication ceremony by his Party's leader but was completely oblivious to the controversy brewing.

As for the reference to the Witness Protection Program, it relates to the fact my photograph is not on the internet which is the way we like it.

In this era of re-makes why not bring back The Fugitive a la 2008? Who better than Donald Sutherland - Kiefer's too young.

Since the early 1960s the elder Sutherland has been in hundreds of movies encompassing just about every role imaginable. Watched him late the other night playing a German spy who had infiltrated Britian during the second World War. A so so plot but his acting was great.

And the other fugitive? Grizzly Adams. Sincerely,
Clare L. Pieuk


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