Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The sign the town didn't want!

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It's hard to comprehend why the MMF leadership would continue to insist placing a sign on the outskirts of a town when the majority of its citizens don't seem to want one. The issue is simply dividing Ste. Rita down the middle - to what end? The only possible explanation - the Federation is saying it can do what it wants and you can't stop us.

It will be interesting to see whether Liberal Member of Parliament Raymond Simard (Winnipeg - St. Boniface) will also attend this ceremony. He was asked to be present at the last one by leader Stephane Dion oblivious to the controversy brewing.

Clare L. Pieuk
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "MMF To Forge Ahead With Road Sign Plan"

Yes this is all true the MMF has done it to us again here in Ste. Rita, they placed the new sign up a couple a days ago. Although it is still covered with the plywood, they have taken it one step further and placed 2 flag poles that look very cheap. The sign was even up for 6 hours and the RCMP were in town.

Here in Ste. Rita we barely see the police ever but it didn't take long after the sign was there for them to attend. The Local Chairwoman and her hubby were fast on the phone to them. Who were they making a complaint against you ask? A member of her own Local saying he stopped at the sign. Well duh there is a stop sign at the corner of the highway right in front of the sign. They are just starting trouble for nothing and we all wish they could leave well enough alone.

The big unveiling date is set for the morning of the 24th next Saturday. Then a big shindig after is planned in Dugald, Manitoba. I'm guess there will be about 6 people from our town attending the celebration of the Ste. Rita heritage milestone - LOL! I think the Local Chairperson is silly for calling the cops on one of her own. Well Derryl we will keep you posted!

There's our tax dollars going to work. Placing a costly sign complete with video surveillance in a town that doesn't want it. Thanks for the update. Despite your town's opposition to the sign, I'll tell you what Ste. Rita..... it looks like the sign is there to stay. David Chartrand said so. (Derryl Sanderson)


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